Sewing manufacture of clothes for sports

Project description

Clothing production is intended for the industrial manufacture of garments such as clothing for:

— swimming


— strength sports( powerlifting, wrestling)

— choreography and gymnastics


That is, the consumers are mainly large customers such as chain stores, wholesalers

Additional information

The main activities of the enterprise: clothing for sports.

— Key features of the product and its advantages on the market:

High quality workmanship at a low price.

Branded packaging.

— Main activities carried out to ensure

manufacturing competitiveness: product quality, promotion, quality service.

— Target markets and place businesses in these markets:

Ensuring the competitive position of the target markets,

the balance of the General consumer market.

— The main objectives of the company: the launch of Russian production, getting profit, increasing the share of the company's products in the existing market.

Market analytics

The sporting goods market in Russia is not sufficiently saturated. Relatively low participation sports networks in the Siberian Federal district the far East Federal district, southern Federal district.

A characteristic feature of the Russian market is the low share of domestic production (about 10%). Most of the market is occupied by foreign manufacturers at the expense of the top quality products and aggressive market policy.

Key market trends are:

• promotion of healthy lifestyles and the growth of interest in sport;
• expansion of the sports goods in different price segments of consumers;
• the development of regional markets.

The uniqueness of the project

The goal is import substitution, the ability of Russian consumers to dress in quality affordable sports clothes from the Russian manufacturer. Wear a sports team.

Monetization sources

The main emphasis is on the long-term nature of work with each client. Responsible for the result. Maintain relationships with clients, developing new offers. Every client is important to us. A good relationship is more important than momentary benefit.

Sales strategy and marketing

Based on the assumed range of services following a niche market: the market of Internet users

The system of Internet marketing will include:

SEO, SMM, contextual advertising, e-mail marketing, writing articles on forums, where there are our target audience.

Creating a marketing site.

The purpose of the advertising company – bringing to a larger number of potential buyers information about make product.

Advertising campaign is aimed at people who prefer sports style.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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