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We were one of Leading Manufacturer and Supplier of Eco Friendly Advertisement Stitched Bags in South India. This is Project is Our Development Project to market Our Eco Freidnly Product globally.

Currently plastic carry bags were widely used in grocery stores to carry away purchased things, But in Our Project, we will completely Manufacture Cheaply Offerdable Branded Grocery bags from Natural Fibers ( Cotton, Jute, Hemph & Coconut Coir), that is from Yarn to Finished Bags within Our Own New Plant. which is a Revolutionary idea to Change the way of Carry off…

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We all know, Need of every person in thier Country wants to save the Natural Resources which were left off by us by creating Pollution free Society around them.

These Persons are Our Consumers who we are Targeting to buy Our Eco Freidnly Bags to create Pollution free Society.

Market analytics

According to an Article in

  • Every Country they were in need of Creating Pollution free Future.
  • Our Product will be Targetted Globally to All Grocery Stores with our Team of Marketing Persons.
  • We also Target Our Product through Online E Commerce Websites.

The uniqueness of the project

Our Uniquness :

  • We Convert Natural Fiber Yarn to Bags within our Plant, without making any outsource.
  • Our Product which is Naturally an Eco Friendly, will be Accepted by Most Countries to reach Our Goal.
  • As all we know India is a Country with Abudant availability of Cotton, Jute and Coconut Coir Fibers, from which we will create Pollution free Environment.

Monetization sources

Attraction of Consumers :

  • Basically Our product is an Eco freindly attracting Most of Consumers Naturally.
  • With Team of Marketing Person, we will hit the Global market.
  • Branding of Our Product will bring us in Royalty State, to bring Our Firm creating Pollution Free Products Like Tesla Creating Electric Hybrid Cars.

Sales strategy and marketing

Marketing Channels :

  • Grocery Stores
  • Online E Commerce Sites.
  • Tele Advertising and Promotions.
  • Government Rules & Replacement poilicies on Plastics


Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project No. 40194
Created on: 20.08.2018

India, Tamil Nadu, Erode

Project price: 5 150 000

Investments volume: 2 300 000

Stage: Development of existing business


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S Anand

India, Tamil Nadu, Erode
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