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In the world there are more attractive investment ideas than obtaining cheap, safe, clean energy. Energy, the cost of which is hundreds of times less than the cost of energy obtained from the combustion of oil, gas, coal. The representatives of the Orthodox official circles will say that this is impossible. This is not so. Almost 20 years Livermora laboratory them. Lawrence U.S. Department of energy and NASA conducted research in the field of low temperature nuclear reactions - reactions that occur at lower temperatures and pressures than the reaction of hot fusion. Only recently in connection with open public speaking or nuclear physicists of different countries, reports the official structures of the United States recognized that there were active, covert funding for the study of physical and chemical processes in low temperature plasma. The research recorded the phenomenal release of the excess heat with a simultaneous transformation of substances participating in the reaction. This fixed allocation of "slow" neutrons. On the basis of these discoveries have already created a prototype of the compact thermonuclear reactor with a capacity of 100 megawatts. ( laboratory Skunk works., Charles Chase., Lockheed Martin). We have created a reactor running on low energy nuclear reactions of synthesis with participation of heavy and light hydrogen isotopes with the release of slow neutrons. The reactor, but rather the generator already produces excess thermal energy greater than the energy used to initiate the synthesis of nuclei up to five times, however, the calculations show that the amount of energy produced can be increased hundreds of times. Currently, work on the reactor stopped in connection with absence of due financing. In this regard, we have made the decision to hold the ICO on the basis of Ethereum to create a highly profitable thermal energy generator operating on the reactions of hydrogen isotopes in plasma vodorodopodobnykh metals. The plasma generator is: 1) the Possibility of obtaining an unlimited number of excess thermal energy. 2) based On the thermal energy will be obtained supercheap electricity. There are other obvious advantages of the technology associated with the creation of completely new substances and materials. During the ICO will issue a new digital currency tokens in the amount of 19 million units. the value of token is 1 usd. The ICO will not conduct in Russia. The situation with investment opportunities in the world of the following: a lot of money, but not what to invest. Stock markets in the US, Europe and China are overloaded, players are expected not growth, but rather the fall. In these circumstances invest in any financial instruments with the expectation that the investment will bring a great income is almost impossible. We can provide investors with the opportunity to earn good money. We believe that our ICO will arouse great interest among backers of the cryptocurrency and the whole issue of tokens held for sale will be implemented. Investment attractiveness of the new token will be provided by the fact that the sale of electricity and heat, as well as generators and licenses for their production will be bought for tokens in the upcoming issue. The funds will be used in a modern laboratory and the creation of new, more efficient models of generators with increasing amounts of heat generated. We know how to do it. Total required investments in the amount of 2, 5 million rubles. are Invited to attend one or more investors in the equity participation. The return on investment of investor funds with absolute profit made in 7 months, after a PRE ICO. In addition, investors will remain 700000 tokens, which can be implemented in the course of the ICO, however, one must keep in mind that when entering the market generator with officially confirmed data about a large number, they generated an energy, the price of tokens would increase greatly.

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 20.08.2018

Russia, Moscow City, Moscow

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Ten Dmitriy Sergeevich

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