Transportation of goods according to the technology of its Own Train Formations (SPF)

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Project description

The PROJECT "Transport of bulk liquid cargoes by railway transport technology "Own train formations" (hereinafter — SPF).

POLYGON — Sverdlovsk railway


The cost of transportation, conventionally, consists of two parts — the cost of providing the car and the fare for the transportation of JSC "Russian Railways".

The cost of providing the car is governed by market conditions and is not dependent on the desires of the Client.

The value of the railway tariff regulated by the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) and includes many parameters, including the cost of locomotive traction.

The idea of the project — the replacement of traction rolling stock of JSC "RZD" (locomotives and locomotive crews) private. The use of private locomotives will reduce the cost of transportation, to get a good profit and reduce the cost of Client transportation to 10% of the cost of railway fare paid on General terms. The corresponding idea of the Institute of local carriers approved in the Republic of Poland of the Russian Federation No. 877-R dated 17.06.2008, the "Strategy of development of railway transport of the Russian Federation until 2030".

Revenues of the operator SPF is 50-65% of the rate charged the Railways;

profit up to 40% of a profitable part;

type of investment, the entering into the authorized capital;

the volume of investments – 80000000 rubles;

the deadline for the project launch 4-6 months;

the payback period (return on investment) of 10-12 months.

life at least 10 years (on current plot).

The objectives and benefits of the investment project.

The project aims to establish the transportation technology of SPF on a particular area, to spread the technology to other areas (local Optima), to reduce the financial burden on the transport for the Client to obtain financial platform for the development of a global project to obtain the status of "local carrier", the acquisition of innovative traction rolling stock, the creation of independent school operators, and as a result, the independent carrier a direct competitor to the Railways.

As well as for the implementation of a number of related projects in the railway sector related to the creation of new (NOT INNOVATIVE, but IT is NEW) types of rolling stock.

Example investment

During project implementation, to the current plot:

— The required size of investment 80000000 RUB in 2 stages;

— Our income is calculated as the difference between the railway tariff, which is paid by the Client, taking into account decrease on 10%, and rail fare when using its own train formations

for the month 70400000 rubles.

— Our expenses is the cost of rent (in the first stage, and later purchase), commissioning, maintenance, equipment, locomotive rental, locomotive crews, maintenance and office employees. Coordination of Russian Railways and the Ministry of transport of all necessary permits with the involvement of the administrative resource

for the month about 43500000 rubles;

Our profit before tax will be

70400 000 – 43500000 = 26900000 rubles.


From the above calculations, net profit, applying the common system of taxation will be about 18200000 rubles a month. The project provides the return on investment in a startup investment within one year taking into account the time for implementation of all the preparatory processes. The life cycle of the project at least 10 years. The indexing of a profitable part will be held simultaneously with the indexation of railway tariffs of Russian Railways, which regulates the FAS.


Preliminary negotiations held with the Customer, the customer's interest in this project can confirm the corresponding letters.

Detailed description of the project, detail the administrative resources (at the level of Min. trance and above) we are ready to discuss with Your experts in the field of railway transport only after signing the relevant agreements of intent, mutual commitment and confidentiality of information obtained in the process.

P.S. Technology of carriage of private locomotives is not new. It currently uses a number of companies such as PwC, BaltTransServis (part of the global TRANS), JSC "NPK", LLC "Independent Transport Company", etc... Implementation deals PGK, RZD-Logistika and a number of companies.

These companies take the so-called "local Optima" — the most favorable areas for the length of, the goods carried, number of trains circulating on these sites etc. currently, a lot of them, but the process is evolving and the "fat" direction assort.

Currently these are the companies that are developing technology at a number of interesting (most profitable) directions. On the start date of the project is very important.

Moreover the base for the transfer of thrust to private hands prepare and Railways. When this happens, the market traction for budding startups – will not be!

Additional information

The technology for the transport of SPF is developed separately for each site, which will be provided with a lot of features, and hence for a particular Client. On the matter of sales, promotion, and competition is not necessary.
This technology will allow the Customer to reduce transport costs by up to 10% of the value of the railway tariff, which the Customer pays the Railways. The percentage of reduction of expenses of the Client depends primarily on the range of goods carried and traffic volume on the site.

Market analytics

Technology of SPF in Russia there are several companies. Areas of service at a sufficient distance from each other, which practically eliminates the competition between them. It is the main competitor of JSC "Russian Railways". For this reason, the cost of main-line locomotives currently relatively low. This will allow for favorable conditions to implement the second stage of the investment program of this project is the acquisition of new main-line locomotives, the most modern, technologically advanced, powerful and economical. (The Railways in traction technology of "yesterday"). The next step is to obtain the status of "Local carrier". The corresponding idea of the Institute of local carriers entered the project the target model of the freight market by 2030.

The uniqueness of the project

Own trains is transportation pohodnyj groups private locomotives and locomotive crews on the roads of General use railway infrastructure. The main market thrust is almost 100% owned by JSC "RZD" structure, which is regulated by the state and is not able to flexibly regulate their costs. They are forced to keep high prices in the tariffs in some product groups. The uniqueness of our product and its competitive ability lies in the effektin, flexible individual approach to pricing and costs on fixed assets.

Monetization sources

Pre-payment the Client With the company

Sales strategy and marketing

The information source is statistics transportation JSC "Russian Railways", based on the analysis, identify the most interesting plots and offer to the clients our services.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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