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Foodway Delivery & Groceries is an on-demand delivery platform with efficient O2O services that delivers food to groceries to your doorsteps at Klang District in Selangor. We partner with the over 50 restaurants and serve over 1, 500 varieties of dishes in the area from local delicacies to national favorites, and from Asian to Western cuisines. With a fleet of our own delivery riders, Foodway able to connect hungry and busy diners with varieties of delicious and healthy food, and deliver the food to diners’ homes or offices to satisfy their cravings and thirst.

Presently, Foodway is serving over 1 million people in Klang District daily. With Foodway,

  • Delicious meals can be brought to you at home or work.
  • No need to walk down to restaurant to buy food.
  • No need to gather and buy ingredients for cooking.
  • No need to wash your utensils after cooking.

Currently, We are expanding to deliver groceries, not only cooked foods & beverage. We will supply ingredient to restaurant at the same time sell to consumers. It is profitable and potential in the market. We utilize our resource and maximize our profit .

For the Funding we get we will mainly focus on developing mobile apps & marketing, and partially it in our groceries shop and developing

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project No. 40354
Created on: 22.08.2018

Malaysia, Klang Valley, Klang

Project price: 100 000

Investments volume: 30 000

Stage: Business for sale


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Tan Ck Tan

Malaysia, Klang Valley, Klang
Food services, Food industry