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“COLLARis a very large marketplace, where designers and wholesalers can work together and can develop different uniquely designed fashion apparels. Nowadays everyone needs something unique to wear so it requires a lot of unique experienced designers to work on fashion apparels and develop Unique styleproducts, but fashion industry needs highly skilled professional and for that they have to pay each designer a good amount of salary only then they’ll work, but getting work done by a freelancer is effective then hiring a designer. So this marketplace exactly works the same. In this onlinemarketplace, there is a wholesaler, a freelance designer and wholesaler can also add factories which will produce the designed product (Designed by the freelance designer) and they can also add salesperson to showcase the designs to other fashion retail outlets to get the piece target for starting the production”,

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If you feel like you’ve fallen into afashionrut as of late, rest assured you’re not alone. According to one of the more popular theories that have been tossed around as to why the industry is“broken”right now, clothes these days are simply too boring, too homogenous, too same-old, same-old.

Even with a million options of where toshopand what to buy, it’s easy for us to fall into the same retail patterns—stopping at the same stores on Saturdays to pick up a new pair of shoes or clicking on already-bookmarked sites to browse their new arrivals. I’m guilty, too—it’s a rare week that I don’t wear head-to-toe Aritzia at least once (Canadian habits die hard, kids).

” But without a little variety, things start to feel a bit blah after a while. And they don’t need to—it’s a huge world out there, and there are sites that’ll do the legwork for you when it comes to discovering new brands. Below, you’ll find six of our favorites, some of which focus on indiedesignersfrom a particular country (who knew Ukraine was such a fashion hot spot?) and others that troll the global marketplace for emerging brands. So next time you get asked “Where’s that from?” you’ll actually have a story to tell

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 24.08.2018

International project

Project price: 50 000

Investments volume: 25 000

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Jha Aashish

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