The creation of a modern complex of sawmill, producing high-quality products made of oak

Project description

The aim of the project is the creation of wood processing enterprise in Krasnodar region with a monthly production volume of sawn oak from 380 to 680 m3. • the creation of a modern complex of sawmill, producing high-quality products made of oak for domestic and foreign markets; • building the economic base, providing a guaranteed return on investment required for project implementation; • development of the company with funds received from the sale of produced goods; • extraction of profit. • the development and scaling activities of timber companies by increasing the volume of production and increase exports; • increase of production volume and profit; • building the brand and image of a reliable company that guarantees quality products at affordable prices; • sustainable forest management;

The creation and development of craft workshops on woodworking for training and employment of people with disabilities.

Additional information

This market segment is always in demand: wholesale markets, hardware stores, construction companies, private individuals, roofers, etc. and the demand is only growing.

Market analytics

The company a well regarded as one of the market leaders in the region in terms of sales and types of products. In the future, the demand for wood, namely oak only grows as more and more people want environmentally friendly and safe building materials.

The uniqueness of the project

The project on creation of wood processing enterprise in the Krasnodar region, specializing in oak, suitable for implementation as: — market trends: demand for timber, especially of oak, is growing both in Russia and abroad; — the region (Krasnodar region) due to its transport interchanges contributes to the development of international relations; — the low level of competition in the region with a high level of demand for high-quality oak wood; — high quality wood base at a distance of 50-150 km from the plant; — sea route, and also a developed network of logging roads, remaining after the enterprises of the Soviet period; — the conformity of the project to target programmes for the development of woodworking production in Russia and Krasnodar region.

Monetization sources

At the moment, only works from word of mouth advertising. The main profits generated from loyal customers. After the transfer of business under my rukovodostva will be held Martinkova and advertising campaign, including online. Now this online business is missing. Customer retention is a top priority, and we will show them loyalty in pricing.

Sales strategy and marketing

As a means of advertising and promotion will use the following methods: 1. The development of the company brand. Need to develop a brand, branding. 2. Create and promote your Internet site with the order form. — register your website in various directories. — It is necessary to organize Direct campaign is site with the goal of getting target customers. 3. To carry out advertising in social networks.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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