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My name is Vladislav Shishkin, I'm looking for investment in the development of the existing network of fitness clubs in residential areas. The return on investment of 1 year, the yield on the 30% are ready to consider the investor as a co-founder. Marketing tested on 6-and clubs, the dynamic growth is ensured!
Possible variants of cooperation:
the amount of 130 000 000, a payback period of 1 year, net profit of 39 000 000 rubles per year
the amount of 65 000 000 rubles, the payback period 1, 5 years, net profit of 19 500 000 RUB per year
the amount of 13 000 000 rubles, the payback period 2 years, net profit 3 900 000 rubles per year

The project is designed for development in the global scale.

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Additional information

Fitness 24/7 is:

  1. Return on your investments over 1 year since the opening of clubs
  2. 10 years of successful work in the sphere of the Fitness industry
  3. Accommodation selection
  4. Building, repair in the same style Fitness 24/7
  5. Procurement, delivery, installation of equipment
  6. The formation and training of the sales Department
  7. The launch mass of pre-sales of season tickets
  8. "Transparent" reporting system to the investor, for the development budget

Market analytics

The average payback percentage to the fitness club in Russia 23%

Fitness 24/7 for the past 10 years shows a ROI of 30% at least, thanks to the developed "Concept of efficiency 24/7".

The uniqueness of the project

The largest chain Fitness clubs in Russia are ojestochennye struggle with competitors for the premises located in the city center, along the metro line. It is very convenient after a busy day, visitors come to the gym not far from their offices. The largest Fitness clubs take a maximum of 3% of the consumer market.

Concept Fitness 24/7 is based on what our clubs open in residential areas of the city, within walking distance from the homes of our visitors. We also provide service, through which our "family" fitness clubs come people with average incomes, mothers with malakim children, seniors, working class, child group training, as well as student and school subscriptions.

As a result, we have a huge segment of the market of Fitness industry where our team has been developing for 10 years.

Monetization sources


Social network

Outdoor advertising

Otdl direct sales

Department telephone podaj

The motivation of the coaching staff

Advertising in transport

The internal system of earning visitors

Sales strategy and marketing

The development strategy of "Fitness 24/7"


CPS (Candidate Master of sports)

Open 11 clubs in



MS (Master of sport)

31 club open in Russia

300 Franchises sold

2019 – 2027

Msmk (Master of sports international class)

For 8 years, the cities of Russia, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, South America, North America

652 club format, "Fitness 24/7" open

4220 Franchises sold

90 Premium clubs open 24/7


*SMSMS (honored Master of sports of international class)

785 clubs format, "Fitness 24/7" open all over the World.

95 clubs "24/7 Premium"

4520 Franchises sold.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 40716
Created on: 31.08.2018

International project

Project price: 130 000 000

Investments volume: 130 000 000

Stage: Development of existing business


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Shishkin Vladislav Aleksandrovich

International project
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