Musinga Wildlife Resort

Project description

Our vision Musinga wildlife resort offers affordable luxury to every type of traveler. We will do this through simple, comfortable, personal cabins which are locally designed.

We are located on a property bordering the beautiful Akagera National Park. A beacon for pride and persistence for the Rwandan people, we are excited to bring accommodation's so close to the park. The conservation that the park holds for its wildlife is very important to us.

As such we wanted to offer a place to enjoy luxury accommodation while visiting the park and learning of it’s incredible conservation history. In a country like Rwanda, which is looking to grow its economy, there is an opportunity for us to work alongside the Rwandan people which is fantastic.

We will offer employment to locals, training in customer service, and the chance to develop leadership skills and learn how to assist in managing the resort. Our Vision is to build a cutting-edge eco-friendly lodging that leaves a very minimal ecological footprint.

We will strive to continually find ways to reduce our negative impact on this world and the area directly surrounding us.

We aim to do this by using solar power, LED lighting, water recycling systems and any other measures we find help us operate in an eco-friendly way. Benefits: Musinga wildlife resort will benefit the local economy by providing jobs to initially build the project to completion, and hiring locals to staff the resort. Our resort will bring in tourist who will spend money in Rwanda helping the local economy.

Our resort will offer tours inside the park to view African cats and over 500 species of birds.

The uniqueness of the project

How we are going to provide a unique service.

  1. We provide guests a ride from the airport to the resort and take them back.
  2. Guests will be provided a tour guide, and a ride into the national park
  3. Lunch will be provided
  4. Night tours to view nocturnal animals

Monetization sources

In 6years pay back

Sales strategy and marketing

• Partner with Instagram model or celebrity figure to help promote the hotel through their already existing fanbase. For example, tourists from U.S make up 40% of visitors to Rwanda, so we would find a famous social media figure from America to come visit the hotel and post on their social media pages, encouraging their fans to come visit our hotel.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 19.09.2018

Rwanda, Eastern Province, Kayonza

Project price: 500 000

Investments volume: 650 000

Stage: Project is at development stage

Website: Coming soon still working on it

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Rwanda, Eastern Province, Kayonza
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