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Our team offers to your attention a new web site here.MEDIA

Internet resource plans to be implemented as a platform for discussing political, economic and social processes in Russia and abroad. To participate in the project on the site will be invited journalists, experts, politicians, economists, political scientists and sociologists.

Categories of users:

  1. Users – everyone. Self-register and have the opportunity to Express views on the publications, to form a ribbon, adding authors, experts, politicians to your favorites.
  2. The authors, Experts, Policy – users, which resource provides the right to publish on the website and also take part in the video.

The site created by the instruments by which the author, the politician and the expert can independently, without editorial jobs published (but respecting the rules of the resource) and earn through affiliate program. Resource planning to pay authors and experts remuneration is based 0, 1 rbl. for 1 single view of its publication on the website. Payment will be made at the end of the month. On the resource developed its own billing system. Policies payments are provided. On this basis, authors and experts will be keen to set the maximum number of views for its publications on the website. To do this, they can promote your publications on Irbis.Media in social networks. On the website there is a repost: Facebook, Vkontakte, Twitter, Telegram, Google. In addition the site has a ranking of authors, experts and politicians. The rating is depending on the number of views, likes, accurate forecasts. For top authors and experts provides bonuses at the end of the month.

The construction work of the resource:

  1. News aggregator – the location of the main news stories of the day on the website.
  2. Comments, authors, politicians and experts (the authors) have the opportunity to comment on the current news agenda. With reference to news you can see all the comments.
  3. Predictions, authors, politicians and experts have the opportunity to make a prediction with reference to a particular news. Moreover, the forecast assumes a specific term. Fulfilled predictions will also increase the rating of the author.
  4. Blogs – the authors of the resource have the opportunity to publish analytical materials, articles, investigations, interviews, and videos.
  5. Broadcast is a video service that allows multiple authors to chat online with the stream on the website. Communication should occur in the mode of interviews, debates, discussions. To participate in the broadcast from may 2 to 6 authors. The mechanism involves the announcement of the theme, participants and the time of broadcast. To turn website administration adds the specified participants, and the set time begins the announced broadcast. After the broadcast, the online video is saved in the resource library.
  6. The site includes division by region, with the regional agenda and a regional ranking of authors, experts and politicians.

Monetization of the project:

  1. Advertising services Google, Yandex.
  2. Direct advertisers.
  3. Affiliate materials.
  4. Part of the resource in Federal and regional election campaign.
  5. Maintaining a positive image of politicians and commercial organizations.

(Taking account of authors and experts, the administration selects sponsors for the execution of any order. Administration forms the terms of reference and provides for remuneration to the authors of its execution.)

Currently, the technical study is completed, testing operation of the resource. The project is ready for output in the public space. Currently, the final stage is the mobile version of the website.

For the implementation of the project.

Investment funds will be spent on the following needs:

  1. Recruitment: editor, moderators, advertising specialist, regional managers.
  2. Advertising, website promotion.
  3. The improvement itself.
  4. Rent servers.
  5. The scale of the project in Russia, CIS and foreign countries.
  6. The development of mobile applications.


Project Manager Yuri Faust

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Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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