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Return on investment within 6 months (prioritetom order). За11, 4m. ready дать20% of the company.

Deystvuuschie production of coconut chips is necessary to Finance naraschivanie optimizaciju production to reduce cost, ability to withstand the grace of implementing supply bigger contracts. Produktu already showed a great interest distributors andshopping network.

The return on investment prioritete Pomeroy arrived within 6 months, adalee passive profit otdali of the company. The remaining funds apribili as the return to the investor, plans to invest indevelopment production the enlargement of the range of products.

Briefly ONAT

The company was founded 5th June 2016goda, the share capital 100000rub. Activities began with the wholesale trade of coconut oil isindia. In September 2017 was formed by the office, was released Narino retail product— coconut oil, a point of sale povsemu Russia hivbelarus. Spirale 2018 product was Napoli networking Perekrestok, Carousel joka inpetersburg.

Inapril 2018 Brand received an international registration.

In June 2018 VG. Moscow launched a full-fledged mini-production inRussia, Narino released a new product— coconut chips.

The first Russian manufacturer of coconut chips, which already aroused the interest stranges the middle East. The production of "pilot" nebolshimi volumes, the simplest equipment is located nominalnog area (about 25,000 packs -) all tests carried out by the process of production, there is a team of experienced professionals. Actively developing sales channels as inRussia, so inexpert. Purchased equipment for the production (pressing) of coconut oil irfanali inRussia (oprimary Lithuania andpoland). There are clear arrangements apostacy fresh coconut (raw materials). There is a full understanding iplan to manufacture a number of products escocesa.

The company's goal is to create a Russian brand on an international scale, products tasty innovative healthy eating the main focus of which will be products Iskakova walnut (there are similar Inusa— Nutiva Ives).

Already working:

1. Got a direct contract inacal delivery Vset "Globoesporte" (delay 30days)

2. Work Setu "Fresh Market"— a direct contract (delay 30days)

3. Work Setu "I-ME"— no contract, 100% prepayment

4. Work Setu the gas station "Arkona" (6заправок)— direct agreement volozhenin (delayed 15days)

5. Work sooo "Interavtoservis" distributor of snack products in networks of filling stations and our official Distributor naats povsemu Russia (requested to become 19.09.18 after the checked product sales totheir 2хАЗС— direct agreement volozhenin (delay 40days): Private network— 13АЗС (started B2, experienced sales staged, was asked to be the Official distributor) TAT Oil— 20.09.18 distributor sent offer, waiting for response Gazprom— 20.09.18 distributor sent offer, waiting for an answer LUKOIL— 20.09.18 distributor sent offer, waiting for a response other gas station which supplies snacks Napitki Interavtoservis— 20.09.18 distributor sent offer, waiting for response

6. Signed a JV contract "the Ark" 1супермаркет— direct contract (postponement of 15 days)

7. Work sooo "ACE"— 1салон— direct contract, 100% prepayment

8. Start working with Setu health food stores "Lakshmi" (32магазина healthy food)— a direct contract (delay 40days)

9. Got the contract predvaritelnyy ordering otdelnosti network Reception (26гипермаркетов far East)— a direct contract, waiting for the signing of Sisteron (delay 40days)

10. Work Setu "Vkusnoe"— no contract, 100% prepayment.

11. Signed a JV contract "Movie Technique"/"Technics World"— the largest supplier kinoteatry, they contracted with all cinemas of porassey IStream CIS. Warehouses iiisi this partner located in such cities as Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Khabarovsk, Novosibirsk, Tolyatti, Ekaterinburg, Kazakhstan it.d. Waiting for the formation of the order and an understanding of the volume koncu weeks. —direct agreement volozhenin (without delay 100% prepayment)

12. OOO "Bon Voyage" distributor (delay 2-15 days depending on the network): the Network is Good news— got в5пробных shops, checked out the sale, sales have up to now give birth ostalnoe chain pornsite (25кафе) plans to start ostalnye franchise (delayed to 15 days) the Intersection of Moscow— the product is approved navod 2хвкусов, minneapoilis superficie conditions, is now waiting for a response phonesim conditions и3мвкусам, presumably September 24-28 will be the response (delay 2days after shipment) BILLA— product pre-approved terms will be discussed at the beginning of October. (delay 2days) Magnet— distributor sent the offer waiting for an answer. Network Carousel— pre-approved, enter after price matching uslovi perekrestka

13. Network "Radezh" (158 shops Volgograd obl.)— endorsed, in the beginning of October and it shall be returned, the buyer signed the contract (delay 40days)

14. OOO "Megagrupp" distributor Sankt-Petersburg is correct. Region. spirale 2018 pekokoksovogo working oil, introduced Perekrestok, Carousel ioka in the region (delay 30 days): the Intersection of Petersburg obl. distributor sent proposal, waiting for approval. (delay 30days) Carousel Petersburg obl. distributor sent proposal, waiting for approval. (delay 30days) Azbuka Vkusa Petersburg obl. distributor sent proposal, waiting for approval. (delay 30 days) Ribbon— distributor sent proposal, waiting for approval. (delay 30days) Dixie— distributor sent proposal, waiting for approval. (delay 30days)

Received the approval of forward contract:

1. Received the approval of nwod в10магазинов network Azbuka Vkusa. (Tentative as of 10 stores nefakt that we find a distributor, aoni not ready to contractualise dreams directly)

2. Approved product navpod SETI "MAN" (Volgograd), waiting for the contract.

3. Waiting for the response of Aparecida (Moscow obl.) phonesim conditions

4. The carousel is pre-approved, communication to continue after price matching uslovi perekrestka.

5. First Oct waiting for release WSET "bill", previously approved.

6. Auchan through the distributors received the prior approval of navpod product, waiting for the final terms

7, the Magnet, direct communication with stachurska product like, neustraivaet price, agree on a price

8. A number of distributors who are interested in sotrudnichestve while discussing terms.

We invite you to kdialog interested investors.Return on investment planiram within 6 months. Share discussion. More information can send the personal acquaintance.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 15.10.2018

Russia, Moscow Oblast, Moscow

Project price: 30 000 000

Investments volume: 11 400 000

Stage: Development of existing business

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