A factory for the manufacture of flexible plastic containers

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Project description

Summary of the business plan of the Project "FACTORY Ledger"

Summary financial performance:

1.To run the project"Factory poproizvodstvu flexible plastic containers" (The "FACTORY Ledger") production capacity 211000 flexible containers per month. The necessary funds 20 million.

2.Of them:

a. 5.3 million RUB — oborudovanie production

b. 0, 8 million rbl. — repair and equipping the premises

c. 13, 9 million rubles — cash reserves until the business is self-supporting (rent, purchase of raw materials, S/P, advertising, design, commissioning)

3.Monthly revenue amount (with the maximum production capacity) are 26, 5 million.

4.Monthly costs amount to 16, 4 million.

5.Monthly profit will be (including tax) of 8 million rbl.

6.The payback period will be: 2, 17 surrender the opening of the company.

The project involves the creation in Tyumen Factory poproizvodstvu unique product— flexible plastic containers designed for serving ohranenija pasty products— cheese and processed cheese, chocolate and peanut pastes, jams and pates.

The flexible container has a unique feature— the flexibility achieved by gomeopatov the container body. Externally, the container resembles a jar, but when you click on the bottom and the lid, it is compressed, reducing the interior space, and forcing a paste-like product in a bread/loaf or other solid product. The product in the extrusion forms a layer.

When using a flexible container, netresults no knives, no spoons, no other devices. A prepared business plan with detailed calculations, which are ready to send upon request of the investor.

I propose to cooperate on the conditions of entry of the investor in the project with a 20% share in the Charter capital of the Factory, and the conclusion with the investor of the loan agreement. The repayment of the loan will be implemented from the second year of the business, and will be fully returned in the third year. Subsequently the investor will regularly receive 20% of the amount of net profit, amounting to 3 million rubles per quarter.

Project highlights:

* Net present value (NPV)— 2 220, 21tys. RUB

* Internal rate of return (IRR)— 111, 68%

* Discounted payback period skazannoe discount rate (DPP)— 2.17 years;

* Profitability index (PI)— 1, 220.

For more information on a request of the investor be submitted to the business and investment plan of the Project.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 45302
Created on: 09.01.2019

Russia, Tyumen Oblast, Tyumen

Project price: 20 000 000

Investments volume: 20 000 000

Stage: Project is at development stage

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Zhdanova Nadezhda Andreevna

Russia, Tyumen Oblast, Tyumen
Consumer goods industry