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We are the solution to issues people have with passive income.
Title: Make Money Group
(The name is not official, invented in the summer of 2018)
Please Read on to the end and You will understand.
The whole business model work will be described only in a personal meeting.
Our mission:
We help people to earn money, having a relatively large investment.
For example: people want the business, investing in a 300 Tr conventionally, people have a desire to earn 40-50 Tr per month, spending all of your time.
Our idea and the motion vector is as follows:
A little bit about what they do:
Sports betting. Sales forecasts for the sport. Buy, but sell efficiently.
From the first glance you can tell the divorce, isn't it?
But it's not, though services sports analysts teeming with deceit and divorce on the Internet.
I took a business model of selling sports betting and redesigned, modified, made their knowledge accumulated over 4 years. Now use this idea, each person has the opportunity to earn each month, spending a maximum of 20-30 minutes a day.
Make Money Group buys ready sports predictions have closed, but the famous faces that have this niche (sports betting) — the main income.
These people are time-tested, open statistics, results, fame in the media.

Then accept payment and send the customer information about the game, detailed instructions that it needs to repeat at the Bookmaker.
Now there is an idea that all zamudreno and people will not understand what to do.
Actually, it's simpler than it seems. Anyone need 5 minutes to understand the basics of this field and begin to sort it out quietly.

Example: paragraphs methods of sports betting (PPP) sitting even women in view of 50-60 years and no problems bet. Of course they lose eventually, but until they know about us. (Marketing ploy already, you can add to the list. People who are in PPS — our hottest leads)
We go further: on the course (1 month) on average each of our clients with a GUARANTEE will earn 40-50 Tr with minimal effort compared to official work with the same income.
People in our time, the phone is in hand more often than they think.
So from this we can conclude that All communication with our clients is a social network! For example WhatsApp. Since customers will have some confidence that they engaged in a dialogue not a robot, and people. Consequently, every person can get help for their problems, ask if something happened and the like. Service obslujivaniya should be 10 out of 10.
If the investor has doubts on the topic: "betting you can't make", "Where are these people who are making money on this same model?", "If it was so easy to earn on betting, it is all earned!"
I have all my words are proof: statistics, facts, cases, examples, analyses.
Believe me, this is not a new business model, this is the car jump. But now, with my modified idea team will go in the opposite direction!
People make millions on this deceiving others, and we will work honestly and for the people.
In Russia, this has not been done, what we have done with You! This is our chance to be the first to take a leading position!
And now about the main thing, about our customers:

a) the Problem of the people
1. People have 20-30-40 Tr, but to invest in Bank under percent — a desperate solution, because %rate will not bring significant income. Even for 1 year.
2. People have the desire to have passive income.
3. People do not have the desire to work, something to do during the day, thereby killing time looking at the screen of the phone.
4. People want easy money, but do not know the options how to invest in the Bank.
b) solving problems
1)People come to us for help and we give you the opportunity to earn good money with a guarantee.
(The guarantee can only be given subject to the 2 basic rules: have a budget of 30 Tr and to do everything we say. In any case, the 24/7 support always works)
2) Theoretically, we don't force to retire from the main work people, and thereby we can be considered as passive income/part time job/second job/work in Internet.
in) Prospects
1) Now a lot of people who really earn on the sales forecasts of sports betting. The whole thing makes good advertising.
2) Now that very few people really earn on sports betting.
3) My idea of reality is upside down world for each of the ordinary people who lived all my life with the thought: "we Have to work more to earn more"
They are on the web!!! Offline for anyone?!
Of course! — FOR US!
Potential customers — the field is not plowed, because I know where to dig, where the competitors don't dig.
The chain of actions of the project Director :

Our team takes information from well-known people in this field.
Make it clear to our clients that the information we have.
There is a payment.
Then we send via messenger detailed instruction in video format, where to click, what to do. (This is a guide for dummies)
And so every day, every day of the month.
The price of our product:
Every day our clients pay 2.000 R for information on the 7-8 items (on average).
Simple math: 2.000 * 30 days = 60.000 R month. (This is very important to the client was with us until the end, because only in this case we can provide any kind of guarantee)
The result that is obtained from our customers:
That is very important for people now is that money is always in public.
We do not take deposits, we give only the information that you need to do to earn. Therefore all risks in any case remain on the client.
A little bit about what happens to the client:

It Was 30,000 R
Was 30.000 P + 50.000 R clean, at least. This is taking into account the payment of all 30 working days.
How would doing poorly the project went, we always pay off 1m regular customer 5 new.

1. In the first place — IS.
2. The remuneration of employees.
3. Rent and office maintenance.
4. Other expenses.
Approximately 2-3 months.
Everything will depend on the speed of Assembly of the full team.
All operational work very easy to comprehend.
Actually, I don't see the risk in complete failure.

Competitors on we do not know, because I think too simplistic

The crisis does not exist, it is in the mind of people

New technology will only help our development

Business worked
-Generated revenues
Offer to the investor:
50% of net profits to 100% ROI.
Then 5-10%.

Make Money — this idea is not main income.
But over time, it will be possible to develop his creation for people as one of the options to the full content of Finance.
Of course at the expense of trust for the loyal customers.

Market analytics

Market forecasting and sports betting was always a very interesting topic for gamblers.
If we talk about Russia, the so-called hype was in 2018 after the world Cup, but not just to play on luck and earn money.

The uniqueness of the project

In fact, the competitors do not have such scale is not present.
Now a lot of cheating in this niche, because people (mostly bloggers) cooperate with bookmakers. Profiting from the trust of their audience, they lure of easy money do not understand, even in this case. The more people lose, the better blogger. The bookmaker is not very profitable, that someone wins, even though they are always positive, since we take the % for the transaction between the players.
We can be No. 1 in this niche.
Because we know how to consistently earn in this financial market.

Monetization sources

Customer loyalty we won't stick, because people will be more profitable to group together and pay for 1 person.

Sales strategy and marketing

Now all the "sellers" sports picks on the Internet.
Yet they spoil the reputation online, we will focus on offline and gain trust there.
But the site will still have to do.
As cold calls.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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