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Project description

The name of the future project "Aristocrat" — which will be a food boutique of premium snacks with sturgeon, white sturgeon, caviar, foie Gras, cheese appetizers for certain varieties of champagne blame.

To date, very few analogues in Russia, but this concept of uspeshno developed in France and Switzerland.

The format of the project will provide ready-made snacks separate and combined sets with the possibility of subsequent orders through the online store.

The atmosphere of the restaurant – Soviet classics possibly with elements of Stalin's Empire.

The planned average bill without drinks 2500 rubles, and the drinks 3500.

The mission of the project is to acquaint the Russian consumer with the culture of eating caviar.

The value of the project:

1) Quality. Quality is not only the product but also the services provided.

2) the Team. We believe that people is the most important asset.

3) Freshness. All the products are fresh.

4) Enthusiasm. Every day we work with udovolsviem.

The legal form of the future project is planned, OOO USN 15%., as this will help to optimize the tax burden. As for the main OKVED, it is also already defined — 56.10 "Services catering".

The planned area for the organization of the restaurant will be based in Moscow on the area of from 90 m2 to 110 m2, this area would be sufficient.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 47649
Created on: 18.03.2019

Russia, Moscow City, Moscow

Project price: 15 000 000

Investments volume: 15 000 000

Stage: Project is at development stage

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Kurepin Leonid Yurevich

Russia, Moscow City, Moscow
Food services