Tobacco for Shisha.

Project description

The production of hookah tobacco. Premium line of tastes at a competitive price. Make the initial investments made. Have the necessary equipment. The technology of production. Can provide the consumer 20 flavors of noble, fragrant tobacco. In future we plan the extension line of flavors. To date, the overwhelming number of producers in the Russian market of copying each other. My tobacco is significantly different from many of the brands lack of "hemotest", quality raw materials and fragrances. And most importantly — it has individuality and recognition!

Additional information

Appeared in Asia Minor, hookah quickly found their fans around the world. Today to sit in an unhurried environment, enjoying the clouds of thick aromatic smoke is loved by many people, regardless of age (18 + ), sex, social status and religion. Consumption of hookah tobacco became a culture. The emergence of new brands is perceived with interest.

Market analytics

The project is focused on the Russian market. No doubt, our products will conquer the market and become one of the most popular and sought after brands.

The uniqueness of the project

The main difference of our tobacco from the vast number of brands, it is terrific taste, devoid of fairly common problems, which "suffer" famous brands is a chemical taste and feeling of dryness in your mouth!!! When Smoking a hookah with our tobacco in the air felt a noble fragrance of an expensive "pipe" tobacco and a light, delicate flavor aramaki. And in the body, you will feel the relaxation and ease from the presence of natural nicotine (it's quite in demand in the hookah world). Market analysis is ongoing. The last study was conducted in the largest hookah the exhibition, 9-10 March 2019 in Sanktpeterburge (St Petersburg). It showed that we produce has better taste than 90% is represented by the well-known brands. And even passing by You distinguish it from the many amazing and noble aroma.

Sales strategy and marketing

1) consumer Familiarity with our tobacco — Regular tastings at the popular hookah cafes in the city and region (the agreement). Video reviews of hookah cafes of the famous Russian bloggers with an audience of millions of subscribers (the agreement).

2) the Website and groups in social networks. Videos of the tastings, consumer reviews, promotions. Creating an online store.

3) the Supply of products in hookah cafes of the city with the placement of advertising posters.

4) Delivery of products to wholesalers and stores.

5) Realization of products in accordance with orders from the online store.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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