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A good place was opened in October 2014. For all time of existence of the anti-cafe has established itself as a pleasant place where you can relax, play Board and video games with friends without doping.

Also in antikafe are always a variety of events such as birthdays, workshops, intellectual quizzes, poetry readings and more.

The main income in antikafe from regular activities and from the rest.

After 5 months in antikafe Good place were studied all internal kitchen.

Searching investors for the repurchase of the business.

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Anticafe is relevant for different target audiences:

For young people who want to poobshatsa without doping. It is difficult to find a space where you can have fun and interesting way to spend a vacation with friends.

— For fellow adults up to 35-40 years. The main form of leisure trips to the cinema and there is no alternative. Good antikafe with interesting content, interesting events — a great option for leisure of the modern adult.

— Mom and dad another headache — where to celebrate a child's birthday, which is more than 7 years. The kids clubs are no longer relevant, animators in the café tired. Anticafe is a format that parents choose with pleasure.

Market analytics

A good place has been around about 5 years. Every year anticafe is increasing in profit. Over the past year(from 2018 to 2019) earnings've grown half.

Orientation on the regional market.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 48149
Created on: 01.04.2019

Russia, Karelia Republic, Petrozavodsk

Project price: 2 600 000

Investments volume: 2 550 000

Stage: Development of existing business


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Turbanov Aleksandr

Russia, Karelia Republic, Petrozavodsk
Recreation, Projects for children, Entertainment/TV/Media