The property from the auction at the bankruptcy at a discount!

Project description

We offer You to play the role of investor and to 36% per annum from the sum enclosed by you. Payments – monthly. What that means, it means that according to contractual obligations, we every month to make sure you 3% from the sum enclosed by you, and after the expiry of 12 months, you have the right to withdraw the entire amount of your principal, or extend the investment contract for another year.

The essence of our proposal is as follows:


  1. Our Agency is a participant in the auction in bankruptcy acquires the property of the following categories: vehicles and equipment, real estate, agricultural property, equipment, receivables, inventories, production line, property complexes, securities.
  2. The task of our Agency is to conduct daily monitoring of all e-Commerce sites and to find interesting and lots of liquid throughout Russia.
  3. The legal Department of our Agency prepares all necessary documents, checks the purity of the transaction, removes all encumbrances and restrictions.
  4. Our experts and partners are ready to redeem the property (faster than our competitors) and implement it in a short time.

Work with us on mutually beneficial terms and get your profit!

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 48192
Created on: 02.04.2019

Russia, Sverdlovsk Oblast, EKATERINBURG

Project price: 5 000 000

Investments volume: 3 000 000

Stage: Business for sale

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Sokolkin Oleg Mikhaylovich

Russia, Sverdlovsk Oblast, EKATERINBURG
Cars, Real estate, Agriculture, Services