Valid travel sneaker store with a ROI of 67% per month

Project description

Active online store brand of sneakers. Replica. The main site Vkontakte. As Avito, your Internet site. Working for the city of Izhevsk, we offer a unique service in the market.
We are not a typical online shop — we exit the store. Payment only after fitting. For a fitting bring up to 3 sizes any model. UTP is very good comes. People like. The conversion of the site VK 1, 73%
Basic financial indicators. The cash turnover 1, 78. ROI of 61% in a month.
Investments are needed to increase the mass of commodities, which will close all the leads. At this point, the part leads are not closing as I don't have the goods for them. Let me explain how this happens. In the directory you downloaded 314 pairs of sneakers while we have availability of only some of them. People come order, and we "otshivaem" (you have to lie that the shoes are ended and soon the expected delivery if it is convenient to reserve for them a couple. Part of leads willing to wait in such a case we bring them interested in their model, part of the leave). We do so having the two reasons, the first to gather statistics on the range (breadth, completeness, depth), second, the occupancy of the store for the customer.
With Your investment we will be able to close to 100% of leads thus increasing the financial performance of the project.
Ready to discuss any conditions.

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Market analytics

In the first stage, the project works in Izhevsk. In the future we plan to deploy a network of stores across Russia, both own and franchise.

Annually the number of queries according to Yandex wordstat shows a positive trend. So in may 2017 the number of requests was 11500, may 2018, 15500, may of this year 20000. The peak demand for sneakers is in may.

General trends in the market of electronic Commerce is positive. Even though the crisis in Russia e-Commerce is showing steady growth. We should also note the tendency of purchases in social networks. A dedicated social network to create appropriate infrastructure. The same Vkontakte has a convenient functionality to create a complete online store within the social network. This trend in the coming years.

The uniqueness of the project

The uniqueness of our project lies in the provision of the service. We are more than just a shop — we exit the store. A customer orders any model of sneakers, specifies the desired size. We, in turn, bring on a fitting 3 sizes. One which ordered the customer, one size smaller, one size larger. Payment after fitting the courier. In this format everybody wins. Customers order not preseva fit or not, especially because the payment only after fitting. We save on retail space. We don't need the offline store, the seller, and so on. according to our statistics it is much better to deliver than to keep offline point.

Sales strategy and marketing

Advertising was undertaken through the city's popular public. Purchased ads directly from the admin. The average price of a click out 2, RUB 3 Sign up for our group 20% advanced. The average price of the subscriber 7, 5 RUB. the Value of the customer 192 rate.

Subscribers actively likes the posts, and participate in surveys. Coverage of subscribers is growing every day. This means smart tape shows, but if she shows us, then our content people to like me.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 49434
Created on: 15.05.2019

Russia, Udmurtia, Izhevsk

Project price: 700 000

Investments volume: 540 000

Stage: Business for sale


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Tsyibulya Aleksey Viktorovich

Russia, Udmurtia, Izhevsk