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I have a buisness plan ready, a 100% safe and profitable buisness plan in the fishing industry.

We all know that the fish is taking over for the oil as the biggest income for Norway.

My buisness plan is to start a fishing boat Company in Norway.

I offer 75% of the profit to the investors EACH YEAR as long as the Company exsist, after paid salary, fuel, repair, Insurance and fees.

Looking for investors / partnership.

The crew wil get a salary from $4500 — $5500 \a month.

If the buisness goes very good and the cvote of fish gets in, the salary can be up to $8000 a month.

This Company has no name yet, but the investor can also come with sugestions on the name.

This is a good way to get big profits.

A boat cost around $3.5 million — $4.5 million. ( total for boat, courses, Travel to get to know the buyers for the fish, salary for the crew),

depends on the Equipment we need and how many people in the crew.

The more money the investor invest in this, the bigger boat with the best Equipment we get, and bigger crew, together with higher profit and salary.

I wil work with getting a good deal with some of the buyers for the fish in the fishing industry, this is no problem.

Get all the courses in need for the crew.

The traveling wil be a cost for the Company/investor ( meeting with buyers, transport to courses and a salary for the crew).

The profit depends on the hard work from the crew and our Equipment on the boat.

The more we work, the better boat and Equipment we have, and if we get the best deal from the buyer on the fish. I was thinking 3 months on the sea and 2 months on land… The profit could be many millions each year.

To start a buisness in Norway, we have to get registered to something we call «Brønnøysundregisteret»

That is a Company that logging all the norwegian Companies… Make sure everyone pay taxes ect.

The courses cost around 9900 $ each man.

To get the best income we need alarge boat with all Equipment and bigger storage. Perhaps a bigger crew where some of them alredy have the courses.( saving some money on that).

Some options/sugestions ;

*You being a investor, with me leading the Company in your name.

* You as a owner for the Company, with me as a manager / buisness partner ( you invest the money, we both work as admins for the Company, and you deside what you want to do with the profit ( give bonus to the crew, up grade the Equipment, invest… Ect).

* buy a fishing boat Company in Norway that alredy exsist, with boat, crew with all the courses, good buyers for the fish, location to fish at.

If the profit is not as you wish… The Company can be sold also with no money lost.

The diesel costs around 100$ an hour on the boat.

I have some people ready to join the crew, and like more people joining the crew if the boat is capable.

This all wil be in Norway /Trondheim.

Best regards,

Nils R Husby.

Additional information

Fishing boat company in Norway.

Contact me for more information and details.

Market analytics

100% safe.

Its the most profitable business in Norway.

The uniqueness of the project

Thus wil be as many other companies, a very profitable company.

With a good investor, and with good investment, the wil be a good boat with good equipments, with a good crew.

Monetization sources

We wil come to a agreement with a big store that pays for our fish, and sell to the stores.

Sales strategy and marketing

Making good deals.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 05.06.2019

Norway, Trondheim, Trondheim

Project price: 5 000 000

Investments volume: 5 000 000

Stage: Idea

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Nils R Husby

Norway, Trondheim, Trondheim
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