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In recent years, the consumption of coffee in Russia



Russians began to drink 20% more coffee. Experts note that the consumption of coffee

Russia could grow by 7, 5 times, given the level of this indicator in Western

Europe and the United States

Audience full of coffee goes to monotonicaly.

Coffee shops with a narrow range of chip to his clients cafe "full cycle".

The number of visitors of Moscow coffeehouse-manocalzati for the first four months

2017 rose 23%.

To walk with a Cup on the street – fashionable.

Visitors of coffee shops is increasingly taking coffee to go (about 45% of visitors usaspec-

lizirovania coffee shops). Trade "take-away" in the U.S. is about 75% of the market.

The regional market is not saturated.

For example, despite the fact that the coffee market of Kazan is very varied with many

local and foreign brands, network and monokoane to say that it is saturated too early.

A young audience.

61% of the audience of coffee – young people 16-34 years old. With the development of

the coffee culture in Russia, the audience will expand.

Consumption is shifting from instant coffee to the grain.

As positioning, the brand generates

Association "impossible is nothing", and

the main slogan is the phrase "do what you like",

in this ideology the company engages guests

employees and franchisees.

Now a lot of companies offer coffee to go,

a full coffee shop — in this situation it is difficult

stand out. All engaged in their own roasting

coffee, someone offers specialty coffee and alternative

the methods of cooking. We are working on a massive

consumers, mostly natural traffic.

We chose a niche of guests — people with active life

position, Hobbies and desire to be successful.

People who want to be in trend. And we offer them

follow our ideology of "Do what you like".

It is the conversations with the Barista in motivational

the labels on our cups, in advertising materials

avatar social. networks. We stress that to drink

coffee is fashionable and stylish. Our ideology represents

freedom in thoughts, actions, desires.


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The business modelis a monthly revenue–expenses–net profit coffee bar. Our business model, "400/100", where 400,000 is revenue, 100000 rubles of net profit. These indicators coffee bar opens up to a 3 to 4 month after opening.

With proper funding it is planned to open outlets in order to increase profits and further scaling region

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 06.06.2019

Russia, Bashkortostan Republic, Ufa

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