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«Game» is an ambitious Internet/Social project with a very wide profile. To realize the scale and potential of this project you need a lot of time, a broad understanding of many things and the economic situation in the world today. Its too much information and details to describe here. Therefore, I will put it in few words.

The game is an exclusive social network (SN). The goal of this network is quite different from the networks like Facebook, although some of them are in line (we can talk about the goals and objectives in a separate conversation during a personal demonstration of the project). This SN will unite people even closer than Facebook. The Game is an ecosystem for the development of the next generation (Young Adults) and for helping the old generation. Who will play The Game? Everyone! Who will win? We'll have to see, but hopefully everyone. The main key words of this SN are: a global market for goods and services of the highest quality, a crypto currency (own), a new multi-level economy, augmented reality, crowdfunding, new technologies, health and education, charity, consciousness development, reputation, generosity, game.

At the moment I have 2 foreign companies that are interested in developing this project, but I am more inclined to create a team myself from young people with fresh, clean minds, and I already have a few people lined up for the team, I just need funding 1st, because no one wants to work for free yet. But, this way we can do more with less funding and I could choose the right people for this project. The project has been thought out for the next 5 years at a minimum, there is a very clear development direction for the next 10 years, and most importantly there is a great desire to devote my life to it.

I will have to say — this project will be interesting to people who have already achieved a lot in life and it is getting quite boring to make money for the sake of money. Through this project you can create something Grand and leave a mark in history. This project is my main priority; it is the result of my 20 year old personal growth. The Game is my idea “giving something back to the world and people, ” and its aim is to have a huge impact on the world’s economy in a new, unpredictable way… It will be very fun to watch too. So I say: If you Play, then go all the way!

I don’t put this on a Kickstarter, because I don’t want others to spoil my project, by copying only the external idea. I know that majority will understand the main idea until it is fully implemented, which also makes it difficult to crowdfund, so it is my last resort.

ROI would be pretty crazy on this project, imagine Facebook’s revenues and multiply by at least 100. It’s hard to imagine that the numbers are so great, and yet I offer something better for the right investor, namely, a place at the highest level of the multi-level ecosystem as one of company executives, which will be locked to him for 5 years, which means a huge money flow over the 5 year period and the ability to influence the world.However, a common investment route is also available and Im offering 100% ROI within 2 years.

Currently, companies are asking about $600, 000 for development and initial launch, which is only about 20% of the entire development required over the next few years, excluding the price of data centers and legal services (which can be about $ 250, 000 + ). Therefore, if you want to invest more than $USD 1 million, be prepared to sign an NDA and have at least an hour free to discuss the scope of the project via the Internet or in person. I already have few people ready for this project and we should have a launch within 6-8 months after receiving funding. Funding would be phased preferably.

I will consider a smaller investment on other conditions, so please contact me and we will discuss everything. Thank you for attention!

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What do companies like Facebook, Bitcoin, Google, Square Enix, Uber, Airbnb, Ebay, Amazon and others have in common? They have all been warming up the scene for our company. Have you heard the saying “Life is just a game”? This is exactly the case. So, we want to create a new game, a game inside the game. New rules, new economy, new world, new way of life, or, Should I say, alternative life. This is an MMORPG of unprecedented proportion and implementation. And we have a very solid plan for how to create and implement it.

Market analytics

There is no competition, except in very specific industries, but this is trivial. We will also create whole new industries.

The uniqueness of the project

This project is purely philanthropic and humanitarian in nature, it just so happens that it is also extremely lucrative for all participants. The main goal is to create equal opportunities for all people to share their gifts with the world.

Monetization sources

Several different ways.

Sales strategy and marketing

No sales are involved in a general sence. Several different strategies, including social networks, direct, b2b, p2b and MLM.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 07.06.2019

International project

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