Leading-edge high-tech clinics with 32 non invasive technologies.

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We are planning to open in the context of existing clinics 2 HEALTH OPTIMIZING franchising clinics in Italy and Switzerland by December 2020. We are looking for partners who want to invest in opening clinics in Italy and Switzerland.

Health Optimizing is a leading-edge high-tech medicine concept which is transforming the future of medicine. It contains 32 non invasive technologies to accurately map more than 20, 000 health-parameters for determining causative factors of any disease. The concept has been developed by the Norwegian, Thomas Aksnes, supported by scientists around the world and his own team of Medical Doctors and Therapists. In the past 15 years.


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Anyone who wants to maintain their health and cure the body from ailments and diseases without the use of chemicals or other methods that may have consequences. Our technologies make it possible to cure diseases such as sugar diabetes and cancer in the early and middle stages.

The uniqueness of the project

Health Optimizing is a unique comprehensive methodology for mapping the client’s health and identifying causative factors of health challenges. Health Optimizing utilizes more than 30 technologies, each providing many pieces of a health-status jigsaw-puzzle. The most innovative aspect of our proprietary methodology is the way we use advanced technologies to put these pieces together to achieve an overall picture. Most of our technologies are also being used in other settings, but without our methodology, they have very limited benefits. We have developed a concept that can help most people achieve optimum health, in a way that cannot be achieved by utilizing the individual technologies or other types of treatment.

It is a unique clinical concept, which includes an all-encompassing health assessment process. By addressing the causative factors of ill-health through lifestyle coaching and specific high-tech treatments, and then utilizing high-tech medical devices to specifically stimulate the intrinsic self-regulating mechanisms, we enable the client’s own physiology to solve most health challenges quickly and effectively.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 20.06.2019


Project price: 1 500 000

Investments volume: 1 500 000

Stage: Development of existing business

Website: https://healthoptimizing.com/

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