Manufacturing of electrical connectors for industrial use

Project description

Organization of production of electrical connectors (connectors) of the type SHK, SSH 4*25, 4*60, 4*100. for the connection of individual sections of flexible four-wire power cable between them, as well as connection with mobile and stationary sources and receivers of electric power in DC and AC currents with a frequency of 60 Hz at a voltage of 400 V (peak value).

Additional information

The main products of the project — the connectors (the power connectors). Designed for three-dimensional mounting. The electrical connector consists of a plug containing a cylindrical contacts and the sockets with contact sockets. The nomenclature of finished products consists of 11 positions.

For the implementation of the project was fully carried out all the preparatory work on strategy development. Available design documentation, 3D models, Assembly drawings for the entire planned product range. Developed by the actual step-by-step investment plan on the basis of current commercial proposals from suppliers of equipment, materials and components. There is a preliminary agreement with contractors for the production of molds and dies, the agreed additional discounts. Worked maximum utilization of the equipment for providing of outsourcing for additional profit.

Market analytics

Products are used in oil production, on the control stations in mobile electrical systems, metallurgy, railway transport, sea and river ports. The main consumers — management organization serving the project with state support.

The uniqueness of the project

Currently only one factory, mass-producing these products. There is no direct dependence on the volatility of exchange rates (all components are manufactured in Russia), eliminating unplanned losses due to exchange rate differences, and reduced margins in uncertain times.

Monetization sources

The demands of consumers for products are quite standard:

  1. High quality
  2. Reasonable price
  3. Reliability

It is planned to use as an active strategy to attract consumers, and passive.

Active strategy for engaging with consumers involves:

— development and maintaining existing client base experienced in this field managers;

— development of commercial offers, sending it to potential clients;

— cold calls to potential clients (both trading firms and final consumers).

The main tool of the passive strategy is advertising. At the moment a paid hosting the online store, the site in development. Plan an active promotion in the Internet. Production and targeted distribution of promotional materials.

Sales strategy and marketing

The project "electrical connector" refers to "B2B". The ability to service all industries allows us to collaborate with major companies in Russia with state support and funding. The demand for these products is stable and subject to little seasonality. For example, the surge of sales in December, as state-owned enterprises try to "close" the budget surplus in the current period, to receive funding for next year. With the worsening economic situation in Russia in 2008 and 2014, a significant reduction in demand for products not identified as funding for a number of major projects have been suspended was not.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 24.06.2019

Russia, Nizhny Novgorod Oblast, Nizhny Novgorod

Project price: 42 000 000

Investments volume: 40 000 000

Stage: Business for sale

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