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People constantly need services and they need them NOW. They have no time to browse directories (both paper and online) or else wait for the right business to pop up on their favourite social network.

People need a platform where they can find their favourite services and discover new ones… Businesses need a place to be visible. MyHurryApp, available on website ( and app (for both consumers and businesses, hence why this pack will show screens accessible either via app or website, as both can be used interchangeably) is a platform that transforms prospects into paying customers without any middleware.

MyHurryApp is meant to bridge the gap between customers and businesses in a revolutionary way.

With MyHurryApp consumers can send a request to multiple service providers with just one click (e.g. one request to all hairdressers at one go after typing “hair”, “hair salon” or “hairdresser” on our search engine).

It saves time, money and the businesses who can help out will reach out. Consumers always use MyHurryApp for free.

With MyHurryApp businesses have a pocket full of prospective clients. It is ideal for start-ups and freelancers but also established businesses who want to maintain / improve business exposure in a very affordable manner and who do not have time to waste on social media. In fact with MyHurryApp, when a consumer gets in touch with a business, the same business can click a button, automatically asking the client to call or email (i.e. also providing the contact details with that same click).

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Additional information

  1. The marketing opportunity is the bridging of the gap between consumers and businesses via the platform which integrates a search engine of service providers, which can be contacted in real-time all at one go as necessary, with just one click. We also offer further exposure to businesses via networking opportunities and videography services (MyHurryApp story) offered to them to showcase what they do and what services they offer.

  2. The technology is a search engine, where a particular service/product is looked up and booked directly through the platform itself after results are generated and businesses are contacted at one go or individually (via real-time notifications and email). Platform integrates a map for directions, calendar system (synched to phone) and messaging system (media can be shared).

  3. What is achieved, when all technologies mentioned above are combined to form the platform is the innovation. Another innovation relates to businesses being able to notify all users in real-time of a last-minute cancellation, thereby booking it in no time without waste of resources. Incorporating a MyHurryApp story in business profiles to showcase what they do, has also never been done in any directory/platform.

  4. For a business to be on the platform, a six-month subscription needs to be purchased. There are 4 different packages offered, which unlock different functionalities. Each business however gets a free 3 month trial period.

  5. We are the right team due to the drive which continues helping us achieve our targets, as well as the combination of different expertise: software engineer, lawyer, international relations graduate and videographer. We possess the necessary skills to develop/improve platform, have it protected/compliant, have it introduced at networking events locally/abroad, and prepare all promotional material including MyHurryApp stories, all done in-house.

  6. We are focused on progress. This can be achieved by always improving/developing the platform. We have many improvements we would like to implement, either as feedback received from our clients or else general improvements we continuously brainstorm on. With investment funds we would be able to finalise stage 1 of our product, following which, we can then start working on stage 2 of our product, where we continue issuing new improvements and evolve further as a team and company, also through training, networking (locally/abroad) + IP Protection.

Market analytics

Since the MyHurryApp launch, in September 2018 we've had nearly 7000 users making use of our platform (website/app). At the present the market is a local one, Malta, Europe.

The uniqueness of the project

Services/products are needed daily but no one has time to look them up due to busy lifestyles and conventional directories being redundant and not dynamic. To book an appointment one needs endless phone calls/emails until a business can help. It is time-consuming, costly and frustrating especially if looking for an urgent service. For a business, exposure is very expensive. To know one’s services are needed, it can be time-consuming (having to follow social media requests). Alternatively, businesses waste time taking calls/replying to emails when they cannot offer a service. Lastly, businesses waste time and money when appointments are cancelled, especially last- minute.

A free platform, with accurate search results integrating a one-click-functionality to contact all saves time and money. Businesses, get exposed very affordably, whilst being notified in real-time when services are needed without any effort. If service cannot be offered, a request can easily be rejected, saving time/resources on requests that cannot be delivered. If service can be offered, businesses can share further contact details with one click. Businesses can fill up cancelled appointments in real-time, also avoiding no-shows/cancellations with automated reminders. Consumers can benefit from hard-to-come-by appointments which are notified to them last-minute.

MyHurryApp has an exclusive combination of direct notifications, messaging, calendar, send request to all, directions, etc., being the only platform available on website/app, offering membership card, networking events, and MyHurryApp stories (giving a face to local businesses via a corporate video we prepare for them, hence consumers book services with confidence). The filming of stories also gives us the possibility to meet businesses to establish a rapport (hence we get feedback to improve product continuously). Last-minute availability functionality is exclusively available on MyHurryApp. Our affordability (as little as 1.15EUR/week), diverse team, plans to go international are selling points.

Monetization sources

Offering a free platform to consumers and an affordable one to businesses, with a free trial period, and also a membership card with benefits secures customers/backers. With very minimum marketing/funding, we have managed to increase our audience up to 7000 since September 2018 (see analytics attached).

Sales strategy and marketing

Since the platform is online one and our audience is mostly online, we focus on Facebook and Google Ads. We also attend many networking events locally, and soon abroad. We also intend to organise networking events ourselves which attract businesses currently registered on MyHurryApp and new ones to join.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 25.06.2019

Malta, Europe, Luqa

Project price: 100 000

Investments volume: 150 000

Stage: Development of existing business


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Borg Carr Matthew

Malta, Europe, Luqa
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