The creation of facilities for providing entertainment services in the field of virtual reality. Club virtual reality "VR Kull"

Project description

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Characteristics of the organization applying for funding:

  1. Name: OOO SMT "BP Kull";
  2. Legal form: a commercial organization;
  3. Field of activities: services of entertainment to the public;
  4. The average number of employees: 5 persons;
  5. Exact postal address, telephone Rostov-on-don, Taganrogskaya St. 114 - D kV 94;
  6. Name, age of the head of the project: Bobkov, Aleksandr Ivanov, 35 years.

Club virtual reality CWR "BP Kull" will perform at the entertainment market in Rostov-on-don in the form of powerful units of the latest developments in the field of virtual reality, which will present them to the public with a view to profit, and the promotion of new products in the field of VR entertainment in Rostov region. The specificity features of the enterprise is providing a more realistic immersion of the client in Virtual reality, with the help of the club and its equipment, and qualified personnel, who will be trained by a special technique. The client will feel the swagger of action and freedom of movement in games and programs. Players will be able to play games a team up to 8 people at a time, and will be able to enter the field of Internet and compete in international competitive events virtual reality. To communicate in chat rooms and social networks virtual reality.

Due to the fact that the equipment presented in CWR "BP Kull" is unique in the field of virtual reality technology, as well as such additional hardware to the virtual realnosti currently lacking in the field of entertainment in Rostov-on-don and area, the client base will not take long to gain momentum, and these technologies are significantly more interesting and more functional represented today by competitors of virtual reality technology in Rostov-on-don. At the same time the cost of the service (games) in CWR "BP Kull"no higher, and perhaps the cost of the game to change much cheaper than the competition.

The capacity of the market of entertainment in Rostov-on-donis about 18000 000 000 RUB a year, the market capacity for cyber entertainment 1, 3% of the capacity of the entertainment market and is about230 000 000 RUB per year.Planned market share of cyber entertainment in Rostov-on-don, Kamarulzaman CWR "BP Kull" is 10% about 20 000 000 RUB per year. The data obtained on the basis of analysis of the market of entertainment services in Russia, in Rostov region and in European countries.

Additional information

Target audience: Residents and visitors, as well as studenty. Rostov-on-don, people of different genders from 10 to 50 years, whose income is on average 28,000 rubles and above, education, any social status: congenital achieved, prescribed, family size is not important, the number of children does not matter. The lifestyle of the target audience can be completely different, but mostly the audience is addicted to a computer game kinds fun. The reason the purchase can be interest in something new, and burdens previously a perfect game, dive into another world. The attitude of the client to the game maybe as a dependency.Rostov region, Rostov-on-don, Voroshilovskiy district (city center), 42, 5 people per 1 sq km (1 130 000 people in 2018). The location of club virtual reality "VR Kull" etopo is planned at the city of Rostov-on-don, Voroshilov Ave., d 80 (this Avenue is the main Avenue in the center of Rostov-on-don). The capital building with all utilities, located 100 metres from a bus stop on the main street. Within a radius of 1000 meters from the building there are over 5 high-rise business centers, and more than 20 major shopping stores. The facade of the building overlooks the Central Voroshilovsky Avenue. 500 metres from the club, you'll don State Technical University and its dorms.

The leased premises are located within walking distance from the main building of the don State Technical University (DSTU), which annually come to study students on full-time basis, about 5,000 people, considering the main term of study 4 years in the DSTU are trained about 20,000 students.

Target marketing: Sapelly to increase attendance CWR "BP Kull" to 2500 clients per month, for a 2-3 year up to 3,000 individuals per month and for 4-5 year to 3,500 customers per month. Sales in stomata terms over 1 year 9 000 000, for 2-3 years — 30 000 000 rubles for 4-5 year 40 000 000

Market analytics

The project is designed for regional and local market.

The capacity of the market of entertainment in Rostov-on-don every year is 18072768000 rubles. Calculations made on the basis of data taken from the center of employment of the population of Rostov-on-don, namely, the working population in the city of Rostov-on-don is 70% of the 1130000 man and equal 791000 people, as well as the average monthly income of population for the year 2018 in the amount of 28,000 rubles. Secondary sources of information, Rostov, on average, spend on leisure 6, 8 % of their income. Thus, in one month a person spends 1904 roubles on entertainment will produce it with working population and you get per month on average-bodied residents of the city of Rostov-on-don spend 1506064000 rubles, which amounts to 18072768000 rubles.

Secondary sources of information in Russia of 100% of entertainment industry for the year 2018, virtual reality technology has won 1, 3% share of the entertainment market. On this basis, one can calculate the market capacity for cyber entertainment using virtual reality technology for the city of Rostov-on-don, which will be 234945984 rubles a year

The uniqueness of the project


1. Sales:

Due to the fact that VR equipment company Kat Walk, which is set in club virtual reality CWR "BP Kull"is unique in the field of virtual reality technology and similar equipment is currently lacking in the field of entertainment in Rostov-on-don and area, the client base will not take long to gain momentum. And as these technologies significantly more interesting and more functional presents for today the competitors of technologies, but at the same time, the cost of the service (game) is set in the Business plan order of magnitude cheaper than competitors (650 rubles hour game of competitors to 800 rubles).

Monetization sources

The company is designed for year-round operation, with seasonal changes in the number of visitors to game center, it's mostly carry-over the months from winter to spring and spring holidays, during which people prefer to relax outside of the city.

The increase in the share of the enterprise market depends on marketing actions and monitoring of actions of competitors. You must comply with developed a media plan, producing output at the regional municipality, to organize advertising programs at schools, secondary and higher educational institutions. Constantly improve the skills of staff both at a psychological and professional level. Also, the company plans to use the technology KNOW –HOW in the field of VR entertainment for the city of Rostov-on-don. For example, competitors use technology limiting the client in the space, i.e. basically the program determines the movement of the player in the VR space. Equipment VR "Kull" will allow customers to really move around in the VR world with their feet at any distance and go to the left, right and back.

The company's technology Kat Walk have proven themselves to be the unique solution of a number of typefaces designed for VR entertainment. Today this products in the world staffed by more than 30% of entertainment centers. Team Kat Walk Russia is the only supplier in Russia of the equipment from permanent service customer support online. Every day specialists Kat Walk Russia online is able to recover failures in the software equipment of the buyer, provided that it is connected to the Internet.

During the BP club also will serve first in the South of Russia sports cyber club virtual reality participation in national and international competitions that will allow to increase the rating and status of the enterprise, as well as to attract sponsors and to create a sports team of world class players.

To date, the company will have an average of 7-10% market share cyber entertainment in Rostov-on-don. But the tendency of the enterprise is becoming a necessity to constantly liaise with the developers of VR games, VR social. networking, VR movies, etc. to Expand customer base in the Rostov region. By 2025 to organize a mass sale of VR technology for home use. To 2027 required to realize the full goods, because with the 2028 – 2030 need to produce a "stop step" to experience the possible next crisis, this time to develop a plan for entry into the professional VR technology. By 2031, to retrain with gaming entertainment in a professional VR technology for medicine, construction, education, science, film, etc.

Sales strategy and marketing


1. Channel — direct; 2. Chain length- 1; 3. Type of sales Retail; 4. Handling channel — High (manage yourself); 5. Price channel- rent, comm. services the PAYROLL, maintenance of equipment, repayment of term loan commitments; 6.Possible volume of sales (compared with other channels) -the area around center city, state; 7.What market coverage will provide — 10 %; 8.The timing of the receipt of payment immediately; 9. The stability of the channel is stable.

The plan provided for multiple steps (website, SOC. network, radiorelay, trade marketing strategy, outdoor roadside billboards, brochures, posters in Universities, colleges, schools, colleges, and more). In operational/financial marketing spending is planned to 1 000 000 rubles a year.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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