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Looking for a partner for the realization of a great project in a conservation area, Ramonsky district, Voronezh region. Convenient transport accessibility, 16 kilometers from Voronezh to Moscow on the highway M-4 don. To the cottage of the village asphalt road, the village is fenced around the perimeter fence, beautiful viezdnaya group, chopped rough roads, carried through the streets the water (main road) ready artesian wells (120 meters), the purchased material to the Central kanalizaciu, supplied with high pressure gas (without wiring through the village) and many more. All related documents are in order. The place where the village is not really beautiful, surrounded by woods, the lake, the river Voronezh, close to many historically znachimyh places - estate Yeneneh, Venevitinov, castle of Princess of Oldenburg, the place where he serritella the Russian fleet by Peter 1. The website усадьба36.of the Russian Federation. Risks associated with the project - not sufficient funds. In our case the executed project K. P. Ramenki Voronezh. At the moment finish building three townhouses (8 owners each), finished projects detached houses with a building permit for 100, 120, 150 m2. Under construction ready 13 plots for townhouses, there are also plots for construction of single-family homes. Looking for a reliable partner for a long and fruitful collaboration. Also now preparing our next project of cottage settlement 40 hectares. Answer all questions on the phone, will provide all the necessary documents.

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All necessary information can be found on our website, will be happy to answer questions over the phone!

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Convenient location of our holiday village, the apartment is not large area from 100 to 150 m2. will allow us to realizewhat this project for 2 years.

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Location, reserved nature, good transport accessibility, high quality materials, the cost of an apartment in a townhouse for the price of one double room apartment.

Sales strategy and marketing

We have designed everything from the brand to the website. Your sales team with qualified professionals. Large role in sales now are social networks. Direct is configured on the Northern regions of the country. Launched the mortgage.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 51484
Created on: 17.07.2019

Russia, Voronezh Oblast, Voronezh

Project price: 189 200 000

Investments volume: 189 200 000

Stage: Development of existing business

Website: усадьба

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Bolgov Nikolay Anatolevich

Russia, Voronezh Oblast, Voronezh
Real estate, Construction