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The purpose of the project and brief description:

Investment project involves the laying of industrial garden of walnut, frost-resistant varieties with an area of 200 hectares with a further collection and selling on the territory of the Russian Federation.

For this project preferred the Piedmont area of the Absheron and Goryacheklyuchevskoy district of Krasnodar region as the most favorable for walnut on the climatic conditions and soil quality.

— The project involves laying of 200 hectares irrigated (drip irrigation) garden of the walnut, the construction of the utility unit, storage.

Bookmark garden is planned for the autumn 2020

— The scheme of planting of 5m*8m. (240 wood per hectare) and 6m*8m. (192 tree per hectare), depending on the varieties of planting material.

The bearing 2-4 years after planting.

— Access to industrial fruition — 7-8 years.

— The volume of production from 1 ha — 3, 5 tons of walnut.

— Total 8 years with the area of 200 hectares will be 1200 tons.

— Wholesale price walnut: 100-120 rubles per kg.

— Investment volume: 96 650 300 rubles.

— The value of planting 1 ha of garden — 461, 2 thousand rubles.

— Net profit in the first year of recoupment (7 year project) — 55 437 thousand rubles.

The benefits of the project.
— Not the demands of a walnut to the soil, which allows to develop land not suitable for other horticultural crops;
— The period of active fruiting, i.e. the project implementation — not less than 60 years;
Relatively low cost of laying the garden compared to pome and stone fruit groups.
— Storage of the crop does not require refrigeration and in the observance of storage allows the walnut to store up to 2 years.
To enable further development of the project in terms of processing;
— The large spacing allows for the development of additional business plan for its use before the fruiting stage ( e.g. pumpkin seeds);
— The possibility of additional non-waste processing of wood (from a scrap), the shell of walnut.
Terms of investment payback:
— Investment of funds during the first 3 years of the project:
1st year — 58 469 0 thousand rubles
2nd year — 26 911, 3 thousand rubles
3rd year — 11 270, 0 thousand rubles;
The payback period occurs at the 7-th year of the project with a potential profit of 48 112, 66 thousand rubles;
The one — year period of full fruiting is a 9 year project with a potential profit of 116 347, 45 thousand rubles

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 52516
Created on: 20.08.2019

Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Apsheronsk

Project price: 96 650 000

Investments volume: 96 650 000

Stage: Project is at development stage

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Zhidkov Andrey Viktorovich

Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Apsheronsk
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