Investments for the construction of a village of villas ELKY at 18% per annum

Project description

Required investment in the construction of a village of villas ELKY(European village of a closed type in a modern style), with a total area of 11 hectares:

— Land already owned,

tab — delimited areas

— prepared gene.plan

— sold 6 plots

— built exhibition Villa

— obtained all approvals,

— the communications to the village: electricity and gas,

— cut road,

— brushed areas

— built fence

— built CAT.

The construction of villas will be the money of clients under each family to develop individual projects of villas. To 31.12.19 will be commissioned exhibition Villa.

The total construction area of 11 Hectares.
Number of villas – 33
The project turnover of 150 million RUB.

The maximum term of implementation of the settlement 24 months.
The income of the investor 18% of the investment sum per year.
The possibility of obtaining income from investment every 6 months.
Investing occurs under the investment agreement.

Liabilities of the company:
1. The implementation of the project in 2020 and 2021 is to sell the remaining 25 sites.

2. Timely and full payment of interest on investment spending, according to the investment agreement.

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The uniqueness of the project

Similar settlements in the Volga Federal district no.

You can build a Villa to the needs and financial capabilities of each family in the pine forest and to be surrounded by successful businessmen.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 54032
Created on: 07.10.2019

Russia, Samara Oblast, Samara

Project price: 150 000 000

Investments volume: 10 000 000

Stage: Development of existing business


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Gazaryants Kseniya Aleksandrovna

Russia, Samara Oblast, Samara
Real estate, Construction