Project description

Kosmos.help is a modern mobile application which anyone can provide charitable or volunteer assistance to proven, non-commercial projects, personally to people, cultural and architectural monuments or the environment.

Any person or organization can publish a project calling for charitable or volunteer help on Kosmos.help.

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Additional information

  • We organize and support projects proposed and published in the application. The user of the application can be either an individual/company/organization.
  • The user of the application or visitor website, first of all, sees the main information about the Kosmos project.
  • Then you register by giving an agreement on the processing of personal data and data of your Bankcard or continue as a guest.
  • After registration, the user opens the full functionality of this application and offers a great opportunity to invest any amount in any project or to offer your own and start raising funds for its implementation, or to participate as a volunteer.
  • In addition to collecting funds from investors for their own project, the user is given the opportunity to collect bonuses to your account in your personal account for committed volunteer work.
  • The funds accumulated in the personal account, the user can invest either in any other project from the «Stream» or spend it in the" Useful store" but without the possibility of withdrawal.

Market analytics

  • On average, 500 kg of garbage per year throws 1 person.
  • As a result of irrational land use, humanity has already lost more than 2 Billion Hectares of productive land. Plus, 10-20 million Ha of fertile land is disposed of annually.
  • Already about 63% of the ecosystem destroyed humanity during its existence.
  • Russia reduced the forest area in the period from 2000 to 2013 by more than 20 million Ha with all the ensuing consequences.
  • 260, 000 Ha of land occupies 11 million landfills in Russia.
  • The Earth loses 30, 000 species of living organisms per year.

The uniqueness of the project

  • We help the user to implement any charity project after its publication in the application.
  • The project can be connected both with the help to homeless children and with realization of cleaning of waters of the seas and oceans!
  • We implement our own projects.
  • Any investor sees the process and stage of implementation of the project of interest from and to.
  • Each project undergoes a qualitative selection for compliance with the established criteria and is approved by the moderators.

Monetization sources

Channels of monetization

± RUB 3000-5000₽ / month

  • About the same amount of money a person spends on absolutely unnecessary things in his life-unnecessary expenses.
  • Thanks to our application, people will be able to direct some of the «extra» costs to the «good» cause.
  • The World population in 2019 was 7.7 billion people. Of these, 5.11 are mobile users.
  • 4.5 billion people use the Internet.
  • In social networks are registered 48 billion users/accounts.
  • More than 80% of them spend their money shopping online.
  • Each of them has the opportunity to spend money investing in the fight against environmental problems and in the healthy existence of their children and future generations.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 08.10.2019

International project

Project price: 2 000 000

Investments volume: 1 500 000

Stage: Project is at development stage

Website: www.kosmos.help

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International project
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