Project description

ProCAR is a digital platform that integrates drivers, logistic companies, authorities, organisations providing services and other stakeholders in larger ecosystem.

The project aims to make life easier for the owners to take care of the vehicle itself and to actively support the motorist around the clock to maintain the condition of the car at a high level, to solve car problems. Also, the service is developed for automation of production processes partners: auto repair, carwash, tire fitting and other organizations.

Thanks to the software, each of the participants of the platform — the motorist or partner — is in the ecosystem, created for the unification of the market of automobile services and tasks of each user in particular.

The main feature of this service is to automate most of the related processes through software and mobile applications. For each of the project participants software are different, but they share in one platform. In the project system there is a division 3 program module is created for each of the parties involved in the service.

ProCar – at the expense of the developed algorithms, the system detects the need for maintenance of the car, as well, the ability to analyze driving. Possible use: fleets, carsharing, personal use, etc.

Effective supply chain management, reduction of transit time and related costs, increase of efficiency of logistical systems, development of new transportation routes, and other benefits from the use of digital platforms ProCar.

Our values for a car:

  • Additional steady flow of customers through the recommendations of clients as a consequence of the increase in revenue.
  • Car spends less on advertising, but increases the flow of customers.
  • Automate and improve the efficiency of the staff
  • Convenient and quick work with documents

Our values to customers:

  • Confidence in the quality and reliability and integrity of services provided.
  • Save customers time.
  • Save money.

Car services by increasing the number of customers provide discounts on their services to our platform, we share with the client – saving the client's money. Subsequently, the development of the project we will open our service stations under the brand of the project in all connected cities, and thus will be able to provide the most favorable conditions to increase their profits considerably.

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Additional information

The aim of the project is to provide round the clock technical online assistance to motorists.

"ProCar" provides the most efficient, fast and comfortable interaction of drivers with car services. Our project is a digital platform that automatiseret, reglamentary and standartisied conveyor preventive maintenance and repair on vehicles, including egregium huge amount of data.

We provide our services are based on accurate readings of the scanners installed in customer vehicles. Any remote diagnostics performed by a master, hence, it improves the accuracy of failure detection. Due to the small dimensions, ease of installation and cost, our equipment has no analogues on the Russian market. Unified digital system allows us to analyze customers ' applications much faster than traditional schemes-making client referrals.

One of the main goals is to improve the quality of vehicle maintenance to reduce the risk of failure on the road. With the help of our technologically advanced approach to this problem we will be able to influence the technical condition of large fleets and personal vehicles of our users.

Market analytics

Market segmentation

Market aggregation car services is a division of:

  • aggregators that receive services from a fee for the contact (Uremont, Remontista, Ferio)
  • aggregators that receive a percentage of the check of the client (Carfix, ProCar)
  • the network of service (Camry)

Potential end-user market is virtually every car owner or the responsible person with the need for urgent repairs or planned maintenance of your car. The market capitalization of 70 billion rubles

The uniqueness of the project

Services are provided in the following flexible grid in accordance with which the rates on the website of the project:

I. free subscription (trial)

1.Demo scanner

2.Online master

  1. Garages partners
  1. II. Paid subscription with the scanner

Monthly fee for the use of our scanner, provided free of charge. The functionality is similar to the Club.

III. A user with a scanner (club)

Key club is our device, easy and convenient to install with the help of which Your car will extend its functionality and learn how to prevent the wear of the consumables and breakage.

Rate includes:

1.Statistics of consumption in the graph

2.Statistics of mileage in the chart

3.A quick check for errors (which are in the trip computer)

4.In-depth error checking

5.Calendar maintenance (with notification) (hard part of the app with plenty of features such as adding a Manager changing the oil and an indication of when they are worn)

6.SOS button (roadside assistance)

  1. IV. Additions at the discretion of the user

Memorizing rooms Parking (in underground car parks the app will require either a photo number column, or the room itself)

Rate includes:

1.The quality of gasoline (through variation in the readings of the lambda)

2.Sensor warm-up (based on the readings of the tachometer and temperature sensor)

3.Warning of the imminent refueling and offer to refuel at your favorite gas station with distance to it

4.The fatigue sensor

A paid add-on to all packages "Subscription for on-site assistance (evacuation, local repair, assistance in case of accident)".


For customers В2Вс our digital platform fleet will become truly smart by:

  1. Control:

The car Park is always under control automated tracking system. In case of unusual behavior or strange maneuvers — our service will let You know. Manage logistics and traffic flows with intelligent control system from ProCar.

  1. High quality work:

By analyzing driving-based telematics and performance of vehicle sensors our system is a convenient ranking of the drivers based on which you can raise the level of the driver. For example, translation into business class.

  1. Time:

Projected renovations will make the business more transparent. Timely maintenance of the vehicle fleet will allow more efficient allocation of capacity and costs, as a result it will allow to be confident in the performance of assigned tasks.

  1. CRM system for tracking fleet:

Online consultant, tracking the problem situation car Park. Evaluation of driving based on the sensors of the car itself, not via satellite, which provides the greatest precision and a clear recognition of exactly the adequacy of the driver. Keeping records of repairs, mileage, route sheets and other documentation. A warning about the imminent maintenance of cars.

  1. Fleets on the subscription fees:

When you connect a subscription fee, price varies depending on the amount of the car Park. Fleets utilizing the services of our partners. Fleets using the service of our partners do not pay a monthly fee, since the partner pays 10% of the order project.

Services ProCar have potential applications in three areas:

  1. Personal use by customers:

recommendation in choosing the right package of services;

custom analysis of the entire car (periodic/on request);

remote analysis of the entire car from ProCar (on request);

identifying the errors;

detailed informing of the client about the condition of the car and transfer critical data to the server ProCar;

detailed information of the user according to the statistics of driving (speed, fuel consumption, evaluation driving, etc.);

round-the-clock assistance in solving automotive problems;

when an emergency condition of the vehicle the client will be informed through the application and/or call from the Call center ProCar;

recommendation in choosing the right kind of services from our partner companies rational allocation requests car care;

the client does not waste time in vain: when the query is selecting the most appropriate and the less busy partner;

replacement modules for faults;

security and transparency in transactions with the partner companies;

maintenance of internal ratings and reputation of partner companies to improve the quality of customer service.

  1. Enterprise partners: auto repair, carwash, tire fitting and other organizations:

automation of service requests from customers through a single system;

stable attracting a stream of customers;

the possibility of using advertising campaigns and promotions through ProCar.

III. Car sharing and taxi companies:

remote analysis of all TS (periodic/on request);

identifying and informing about the problem with the vehicle;

round-the-clock assistance in solving automotive problems;

recommendation in choosing the right kind of services our partner companies;

the possibility of a discount service at the partner enterprises;

analysis of driving (reporting on grave violations);

replacement modules for faults;

security and transparency in transactions with the partner companies.

Monetization sources

The main profit — 10% of the order partner (service centre). Does Carfix however, they dictate their pricing that is not quite correct in some cases. Carfix all the work divides according to the type of car (SUV, sedan, etc.), that is not true, as the technical complexity of these devices are different and cannot be shared on such a simple principle. We offer our partners to adopt their prices, because we take specialized branded services (specialization: Volvo, Ford, Skoda and others). So we readily accept pricing partners.

Using our service client in a normal connection (the purchase module) you pay only for the module and then uses the services of the project free of charge, paying exclusively provided by the partner services.

Sales strategy and marketing

Business planning includes the following objective and strategy in the corresponding phase (or sequence within the stages saved):

Stage I (20 months)

— development of it structure and staffing & search and establishment of business relations with partners (3 months)

— access to the market, intensive advertising and the first set of audience

— passing the break-even point (20 months)

— streamlining of the process and readiness to scale

Phase II (12 months)

— achieving a market share of 0.25%

— opening branches of the company and establishing business relationships with partners in 5 cities of Russia (Saint-Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-don and Novosibirsk)

— access to the markets of these towns, intensive advertising and recruitment of new audiences

— opening in Moscow the first of 3 exclusive service centers under the brand ProCar

— streamlining of the process and readiness to go on less populated city

Phase III (12 months)

— open 18 exclusive of service stations under the brand ProCar

maximum streamlining of all processes (partial update)

— connecting 40 cities to the platform ProCar

— analysis of further scaling in Russia

Stage IV (12 months)

— scaling and achieving a market share of 10% (turnover ≈1 billion.)

— opening 50 exclusive stations under the brand ProCar on the territory of Russia

— full optimization in large cities to satisfy the needs of the market

— analysis and preparation for entering foreign markets (CIS)

— analysis and project preparation for IPO

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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