Shop exclusive gifts

Project description

The concept of the project

Shop good gifts. Mostly designer exclusive handmade.

Examples of products:

  • pottery
  • leather goods (wallets, purses, business card holders)
  • natural soap with no harmful substances
  • natural air fresheners
  • jewelry from natural stones (not precious metals)
  • glassware
  • gifts and toys
  • personalized gifts
  • and more

Value advantage

Products for those who want to make a special and personalized gift, not mass production. To do this, in the range dominated by exclusive products that meet the category of good gifts in terms of function and warmth.

Business model

Purchase wholesale and purchase of goods for release in designer shops for sale in the store.

The current state of Affairs

  1. There are established contacts with several workshops, which sell their products and willing to collaborate (i.e. give the product at release)
  2. Have experience on the point (the island in the shopping center). It is not the exclusive and revealed that there is a demand as gifts
  3. Investigated the potential shopping malls to open a store. Got approval from a few landlords, estimated rental costs
  4. Developed business plan for launch of the store, provided the identified risks

What attracts investments

  1. Create colorful, attractive shopping places (possibly branding)
  2. The purchase of the necessary equipment for trading
  3. Procurement of goods
  4. Payment of first months rent
  5. The insurance sum for the payment of rent if additional time is required for running the range and trading places


  1. The development of branded network
  2. The going online and scaling

The situation on the market

Launching in November — a good vrmeya of the year, because it is the eve of the hottest gifts of the season.

Additional information

Up Sale

Possible additional sales of holiday merchandise, gift packaging and services pakowania beautiful gifts.

Market analytics

The volume of the market of gift products in Russia is about $ 10 billion a year. The figure continues to grow.

In 2019 the import of gifts declined. But increased the number of their manufacturers. The market is close to European. Consumer demand for gifts increases.

The requirements to the quality of the gift and design. Earlier, the average bill for gifts was 3-4 thousand rubles In 2019, which is the minimum rate. The maximum amount can reach 30 000 RUB. and higher aims.

40% of Souvenirs sold for the New year.

Target auditoria — men and women of 22 — 50 years who are buying gifts for friends, colleagues and family. On an emotional level they wish to convey a sense pleasant using the subject of the gift, but do not do it symbolically.

The uniqueness of the project

Exclusive, functional, nice gifts at an affordable price for the mass market. The assortment allows you to carefully choose a special gift or easily purchase universal.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Russia, Saint Petersburg City, Saint Petersburg

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