Hobby-center "Newton's Apple"

Project description

Hobby center is a place of leisure, participation in master classes, creative and scientific projects. The company, through the technical and creative areas, creating the conditions for professional orientation of young people, maintain Hobbies adults and the creation of conditions for activities professionals, scientific and creative industries.

Additional information

The activities of the company aimed at closing the customer's needs in education, learning new skills, participating in group activities creative and scientific fields. Target market — young people whose parents are willing to Finance developmental activities for their children. The company will be located in the distance from the center of Moscow, but in a good transport accessibility (metro, access for cars).

Focus attention on this target audience for the reason that young people in the majority tend to learn something new and unusual, to be in trend and to have a place for self-realization in front of their peers and in society in General. Hobby center for the areas of its activities willing to provide as choices unusual time and place for self-affirmation among the group.

The relevance of the chosen activities and the growth of the market confirms the city program of development of private education centres children. The most promising are the trends of IT and technology development young people.

Market analytics

The company is focused on the local market in Moscow. Market research marketing агенстваDiscovery Research Group, the education market in Russia is in the growth stage. 20% of the volume is Moscow and St. Petersburg. Especially popular are language courses (at this point the market is saturated). Urban development programs encourage young people to focus on IT and technical areas (programming, robotics, design) who are willing to provide our design company. As risk diversification the company is expanding the range of offers also on creative direction — handmade and artistic activity.

The uniqueness of the project

The uniqueness of the project zaklyuchaetsya in several factors:

— the Union under one company the most popular creative and scientific activities for adults and young people;

— the creation of a common space of interaction of people with different views (technical and creative) and the Union of their joint projects;

— creation of public space for the development of national scientific movement.

Monetization sources

The main income at the stage of formation of the company is planned to derive from creative activities:

— carrying out hand made events is the manufacture of resins, wax, paraffin, plaster;

— the creation of paintings made of different materials.

Secondary income at the stage of development of the enterprise is derived from:

— conduct classes on rocketry, aeromodelling with the subsequent testing of aircraft;

— robotics, automotive testing models;

— agreements with educational institutions to conduct physical demonstrative experiments in the natural Sciences.

Sales strategy and marketing

The promotion of the popularity of the proposed measures it is possible to realize a classic guerrilla methods.

The classical methods include:

promotion of the website indicating the entire spectrum of services provided by Yandex. Direct;

— promotion in social networks.

Guerrilla methods:

— agreements with suppliers of consumables (distribution centers, stores) on the advertising of the services of our company;

— promotion through educational institutions by offering free classes in exchange for mobilizing fellow students;

— agreement with the administrative and teaching staff of educational institutions;

— participation in tenders for the provision of services, it is possible to provide across the enterprise;

— agreement with the Institute and administrative staff of the city to create a program "Young Scientist";

— attracting young mothers and elderly people to creative activity, the creation of appropriate conditions;

— etc.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 27.11.2019

Russia, Moscow Oblast, Moscow

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