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Fitness club for women franchise Fitcurves in Krasnodar has been working for 4 years.

FitCurves — this is the system for your health and weight loss for women that includes circuit training, a program of weight management and personal support of expert. Classes are fast, fun and safe on a special hydraulic equipment.

FitCurves our company is known throughout the world as the international network of fitness clubs for women Curves International. Curves was founded over 25 years ago, married couple Harry and Diane Haven in USA, Texas. The idea of the 30-minute circuit workout designed specifically for women, called a runaway success. In 1995 was opened the franchise network. Currently, the company is in the top ten of the largest franchises in the world and is located in more than 90 countries of the world: USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, England, France, Spain and others.

In Russia, our clubs FitCurves work since 2010. We opened a club for women in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk, Saratov, Ufa, Yaroslavl and other cities. Many of our clients have already lost weight and reached their goals.

Our mission

We help women to be healthy and happy, developing the habit of conscious exercise, eat right, and unleash your personal potential.

We are a socially-oriented company that combines:

  • socially responsible entrepreneurs
  • educated/inspired by professionals
  • committed to clients

Our goal

  • To develop in the Krasnodar community of happy women
  • To develop a culture of healthy lifestyles
  • To develop in women a conscious habit to exercise and eat right
  • To motivate the women to bring a culture of healthy lifestyle in the family
  • To develop a community of happy women

Our target audience is women 35 + , more women with health and excess weight that will not go to other gyms. Our program is unique and has no direct rivals. There are only indirect competitors, that is where a woman can spend money!

Our project is needed because women will always want to eat and lose weight :)

A project payback of 6 to 12 months.

Investment will be invested in a Grand reopening of the club in a new place, because of dissatisfaction with the old building (impassable place, basement, no Parking, no visible sign, constant emergency room due to the fact that it is ground)

1) Search for new premises (in an area where previously based club already have 2 final options)

2) renovation of the new premises (in accordance with brand book)

3) Hiring and training new staff (estimated costs 500-600 USD)

4) Advertising support reopening (targeted advertising instagram page, the new sign, 3 banners, creating landing) (providing inbound)

The investor is offered 10% of the monthly turnover of the Club in 6-12 months

Company website

Additional information


  • 27 years of the company
  • Women of all ages, shapes and health
  • Work on the unique hydraulic equipment without harm to the musculoskeletal system
  • The Director herself got rid of this programme 30 kg

Our target audience:women from 18 to 80 + years, preimushestvenno with the extra weight, not ideal body shape or health. The club should be either close to home or close to work. Access to the club not more than 1. 5 km from home or work.

Pitoreske are not our target audience

Our business solves the customer's pain, such as:

  1. Imperfect body
  2. The attention of the opposite sex weak (the husband doesn't look at me like you used to)
  3. Look flabby and older than their years
  4. Health problems due to the lack of strength training
  5. Health problems due to excess weight

Equipment, product, program and business management system is patented and is not unique.

Similar services in Krasnodar:

The club is in good shape KRD strengths: a variety of services weaknesses: no strength training and dancing, the specifics of "the Lazy trainer"

Lady's studio Fitnes POSITIVE strengths: a variety of group programs, weaknesses: no trainers, personal training, selection of personal programs achieve results and customer support.

Video on YouTube about our company:

Market analytics

Conducted Analytics for 2018 showed that only 3% of the population of Russia are engaged in fitness or sports.
In connection with recent changes made to the legislation of the Russian Federation, the state itself has an interest in seeing the population start to fitness clubs and Wellness centers. This state creates a Federal program to improve the health of the nation, the HLS stream on TV and the media, stricter rules in fitness clubs for employees, tax incentives for entrepreneurs operating in the field of fitness services and sports.

The prospect of market growth by 2025.

It is projected that the amount of the population that attends gyms will increase from 3% to 23-24%.

The uniqueness of the project

Our project has been on the market for 27 years.

Uses a unique hydraulic equipment, which has no analogues and allows the maximum strength training efficiently and safely as healthy women and women with special health problems. This equipment is patented and has no analogues on the world market.

Our product is NOT specializiruetsya the "lazy machines"

Our training is aimed at muscle pump, accelerate metabolism and strengthen muscle corset.

Our product has its unique program of weight management (proper balanced diet), which in the implementation of all recommendations gives 100% result.

Our entire program takes place in dense the support of experts of the club. Our system of customer support is different from regular gyms because we provide only comprehensive ski passes for 6 and 12 months, which includes a full range of services, namely:

  • Unlimited attendance (every day, without an appointment, at a convenient time and always under supervision)
  • Monthly measurements of body composition on special measuring device
  • Transfer from club to club network
  • The freezing of season ticket
  • Discount for additional projects
  • Re-body analysis on each third month of employment
  • Personal support coach(5 personal training sessions when you purchase a subscription, 1 personal training session per month, every workout under the supervision of a specialist, monitoring and visits)
    Discount when you renew in advance.
  • Affiliate programs for clients working in the sphere of services or trade

Monetization sources

Each new client the first trial training is free. Trial training is used to sell complex subscription.

When reopening the same, there will be additional discount for club card.

Due to this is attracting new customers through 4 main channels:

  1. Social networking (target)
  2. Partnership through business areas with our target audience (beauty salons, nurseries, clothing stores and cosmetics)
  3. Promotion (attracting potential customers across the street (to write out a personal invitation to the trial training)
  4. Recommendations from existing customers who have already received the results

At the stage of lead generation are invited to attend a trial training through which is selling subscription. Sell tickets trained staff (specialists club), past sales training and experience in active sales at least 3 months.

To keep customers planned delivery of quality service to Kaizen, providing risultare health services so that the client's pain was resolved. + carrying out of regular activities (parties, free training in psychology and nutrition) + additional discount on renewal of subscription.

Sales strategy and marketing

  1. Social networking (target)
  2. The partnership using the businesses where our target audience (beauty salons, children's rooms, clothing stores and cosmetics)
  3. Promotion (attracting potential customers across the street to write out a personal invitation to the trial training)
  4. Recommendations from existing customers who have already received the results

The main distribution channel is the current club.

Use all resources to attract customers mentioned above.

The attraction of using the Internet is specialnim marketing Agency that will promote our social networks and landing pages through targeted advertising that is customized for our target audience. (as the main tool for attracting will be used by the personal story of a business owner, how she came from customers in the specialist, and then in the owner of a private club Fitkervs)

Page of our club on instagram, the website of the business owner: @helga_fitcurves

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Russia, Krasnodar Krai, Krasnodar

Project price: 3 000 000

Investments volume: 400 000

Stage: Development of existing business


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