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Banda — a team of professionals, connoisseurs of quality, comfort and technologies who are tired of what is happening in Ukraine and moved to 2016-2017 the permanent residence in the Russian Federation.

Banda studio — based in 2017 in Kaliningrad, as a family business.

Banda studio

SP Poyarkova Darya (see details)

– author's Studio of art photography and tattoo premium.

January 2019 – a move to Moscow. 18 March 2019 Studio works in the district Lefortovo, in the former factory "the Crystal"

In the market of Russia there are no analogues of such studios, as well as completely missing the "premium" segment in this field of economic activity.

Banda studio — 2 lines of business located in the same room.

BANDA foto

professional photo Studio premium.

Equipped with a wide range of high-tech Swiss, Danish, German equipment premium BRONCOLOR, FOBA, Manfrotto, PhaseOne, Schneder Kreuznach, Nikon, Nikkor

Photo Studio provides services under the key:

  • Studio professional photo shoot of any complexity and volume
  • Visiting a professional photo shoot of any complexity and volume
  • Rent the set
  • Rental of equipment for export
  • Specialization: professional Studio portraiture and object photography
  • A conceptual difference from other photo studios (see presentation)
  • Intimacy/ personality (small size) well suited for VIP clients
  • The lack of interiors/ no required additional expenses for change of location, etc.
  • The technology schemes of light equipment
  • Photos in premium quality
  • Purity
  • The lack of inflated price-list-in-the-Studio -
  • Convenience and comfort for fotgrafo
  • Required support and assisting on site photographers for hire
  • High-class service: flexible schedule, secured Parking, coffee and tea in unlimited quantities, sweets, alcohol, Smoking electronic cigarette, payment by cash or by terminal

The conceptual difference in the product (self-shoot):

  • The files contain a huge amount of information
  • Post-processing of the file consists of 4 steps
  • The degree of retouch for the client, from basic to highly coffee
  • The ability to print files on large storage media without loss of quality
  • Individual style, uniqueness
  • Visual contrast to the market proposals: in the frame there are no distracting objects, focus on the models and the play of light

BANDA tattoo

tattoo workshop premium.

Equipped with professional Seating transformers, the German tattoo equipment Chayenne and Lod

Credo: the safety and health of customers is our priority

  • A conceptual difference from other studios:
  • A spacious room with high ceilings and large Windows
  • The presence of a tattoo master with higher medical education
  • That employees have a deep knowledge in the physiology of the skin
  • Use only genuine cartridge to avoid contact with biological fluids in the tattoo machine
  • Selection of tattoo colors on their content of carcinogenic and toxic pigments
  • Use a medical autoclave to sterilize instruments
  • Use during the sessions, the flow of air sterilizer
  • The use of high-quality supplies
  • The complete absence of expenses of clients on a healing tattoo
  • High-class service: flexible schedule, secured Parking, coffee and tea in unlimited quantities, sweets, alcohol, Smoking electronic cigarette, payment by cash or by terminal

Specialization: color realism, dot/line work, micro-tattooing (see presentation)

Price segment: BANDA studio:

Above the average on 10-20 % (reserve to the cost of services up to 90%)


Positioning a photo Studio (photo shoot): photo Studio premium Hedonists, true connoisseurs of quality, comfort and photography as art.

Positioning a photo Studio (rental): chamber photo Studio premium for those who really knows how to shoot and appreciate your service and time

The positioning of the tattoo Studio: tattoo workshop luxury apartments with best service in the city, where tattooing safely and securely

Target market segment B2C (photo and tattoo):

— male/female

— 25 – 45 years

— income more than 50 000 rubles/month

— psycho: innovators, followers, fans to experiment

— executives, middle managers, businessmen, bloggers, actors, models, artists

Market potential (see presentation):

Moscow – 257 168 people.

Moscow region – 150 803 people.

= 21 870 171 000 rubles/year

1 822 514 000 RUB./month

Market size:

statistics are not available

Target market segment B2B (photo only):

— advertising agencies of a full cycle

— creative group

— smm Agency

— model Agency

— manufacturers of exclusive accessories

restaurants business class

network fintnes clubs of premium class and business class

Potential and the market size of B2B:

No information

Assets Banda :

Team: 3 highly qualified professional with extensive experience in managing companies in various spheres of economic activity (see presentation)

Tangible assets: over 150 pieces of professional equipment costing more than 15 000 000 RUB (see Appendix 1)

Intangible assets: (see Presentation)


To open a Studio in Moscow, we spent 1 600 000 RUB.:

Revenue for the period is available upon request.

ROS (medium ) – 16%


— at the time of opening, the lack of financial cushion

is the lack of external financing

— the inability of the lending business, because no credit history (2017 granted citizenship)

— lack of budget for advertising

— lack of promotion


— served over 100 customers

— attracted more than 10 public figures

— implemented several art projects

— collaborated with the jewelry house Basto

Development plan for 2020 – 2023. (on request)

We work on 20% of its own power (3 people in the state)

Potential revenue — 5 500 000 RUB./month (staff 10 persons)

The capacity for ROS (average) — 42%

We need investment to implement the development plan, the transition to a totally different economic level, the formation of scale business

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Additional information

Download the full project presentation with a description of the market, competitors, and also our advantages You can ссылке

Sales strategy and marketing

(see presentation)

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 13.01.2020

Russia, Moscow City, Moscow

Project price: 18 000 000

Investments volume: 3 000 000

Stage: Development of existing business


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