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Property investment involves the purchase of Mechanical plant, located in the Murmansk region. The status of the company JSC. All buildings, structures, equipment owned enterprises, land in long lease. The enterprise has railway and automobile access roads. Offer equity participation in this project 50/50. Your participation in the project ismoney to buy 50% + 1 vote for entry into the business, my knowledge, experience, team and the organization of production in such a way that for the first 2 years are paid to the Owner the remaining amount is return on investment to the Investor.

I am the Initiator of the project, and I need investment, loan funds or loan in the amount of 25 million rubles, for a period of 18 months.

In agreement with the Investor, the return on investment it will be produced after 15 — 18 months, and the Owner paid the remaining amount for the second year. During those two years we(the Investor and the Initiator) receive dividends by results of work each year not less than 3 million.RUB. each.

In my opinion the Owner needs to have a conversation in the order of purchase of its business as follows (I voiced it to him), the first tranche for the purchase of the company, the Investor shall pay to the Owner up to 25 million RUB... enterprise Value in its actual condition at the moment is estimated at 50million rubles. The amount in my opinion, not final, before it was estimated (cost) to 100-110 million RUB(Yes, she of net assets and the method of discounting the cost so much). Cost of the enterprise is possible and will need to bargain with the Owner

The company is very promising, with all the necessary specialists and workers, clean, efficient and transparent accounting, has all the necessary means of production and communications.Exists on the market since 1991. The administrative apparatus will be created from qualified experts, someone will have to change. Team Initiator of project there is. This plant can produce all that is necessary to industrial enterprises of the region in different directions.

The initiator through the introduction of new technologies through the organization of release of new products with high added value, by reducing the cost of production, by organizing new productions increases at least 1.5 times the volume of production in the same production facilities With correspondingly grow revenues and net profit. Revenue will increase to 450 -500 million RUB per year, the net profit will be at least 45-50 million.

The main products are castings, ferrous, non-ferrous metals and any alloys products with machining, model kits, spare parts and technological equipment for mining and processing, mining and metallurgical enterprises and enterprises of mechanical engineering

AO includes the following technology areas:


— foundry;


— site machining products;

— phase manufacture and Assembly of steel structures;

— the warehouse metal, and other auxiliary areas (motor, etc.).

Thus, it performs a full complex of works on manufacturing of castings:

— design and fabrication of pattern equipment;

— the production of castings;

— machining of castings;

— manufacture of metal structures and special equipment.

Grades produced and used for the manufacture of products:

  • carbon steel;
  • alloyed and special steels;
  • grey, heat-resistant and wear-resistant cast iron;
  • bronze, brass, copper;
  • aluminum alloys;
  • other steel and alloys according to customer specifications;
  • heat-resistant steel, etc.

Control of chemical composition is carried out during the melting by spectrometer "ARGON-5СФУ".

Foundry melting shop is equipped with the following equipment:

  1. electric arc furnace with a capacity of 3 t and 1.5 t;
  2. induction melting complexes in capacity 0, 5 tons and 0 16 tons;
  3. copper resistance furnace with a capacity of 0, 62 T.

For heat treatment of steel and iron castings used a furnace with bogie hearth furnace (HTP-1, 2-6000) with capacity up to 6 t

The fill is carried out in forms with liquid glass for CO2-process or sand-clay filler, and metal molds.

JSC has a complex vacuum film forming (VPF). Castings obtained by the APF, have a high surface finish and high dimensional accuracy. The surface of the casting when this technology becomes cleaner (improving dimensional accuracy and reducing surface roughness of castings); the defects of castings through the fault of the moulding materials (gaps, gas shell, porosity, etc.), significantly increased the yield of the product.

A new blast chamber, which is automatically cleaning the surface of castings. The new equipment allows to significantly reduce the manual labor of obrovskou

Weight of manufactured castings foundry shop:

1.copper alloy — weighing up to 600 kg; 2.carbon steel — weighing up to 2 tons; 3.cast iron — weight up to 4 tons; 4.stainless steel — weighing up to 500 kg; 5.aluminium alloy — weighing up to 100 kg.

With existing equipment it is possible to increase the mass of the castings except castings from copper and light alloys.

The machining station is equipped with a fleet of turning, milling, vertical turning, boring, drilling machines and is able to fully complete the processing of castings according to the requirements of customer's drawings.

Mechanical Assembly of piece of land produces special products for the mining, mining-metallurgical works and shipbuilding, mechanical Assembly of metal products and its own casting, makes the manufacture and Assembly of light units, mechanical Assembly of medium and heavy units, foundry equipment.

There are all conditions for the extension of production volumes, introduction of new technologies, improve the economic efficiency of the enterprise.

AO — is an acting enterprise with offices, staff and workers, with a positive accounting balance, its production history and good reputation.

The payback period of the project from 24 to 27 months.

As You know, the economic efficiency of enterprises depends on the skills of the Director and his team, from technically well-carried out their industrial, economic and technical policy.

The company is located in an industrially developed area, surrounded by 7(seven) Mining and Processing enterprises, Mining and Metallurgical Combine, a branch of NORILSK Nickel, military and civilian shipyards, "AES", which is very required products JSC. These enterprises regularly and on time pay for the placed orders. The author of the project and JSC , we have a database of potential customers, not only on the Kola Peninsula, but also throughout Russia. Therefore, the question of the workload of the enterprise orders will never stand.

In joint cooperation with the Investor options may be different. The investor can offer their terms for discussion. But whatever option is chosen by the Investor, the return on investment of the funds will certainly be produced in the agreed terms. This is a brief summary of the project. Ready to answer all questions.

What is also very important for businesses — a number of Europe. For export operations with European companies, there is a railway, highway, sea route(ports). If you trade with Europe the company's products and not only the best logistics ever. Europe is a lot you can offer the company because of its location will be obliged to focus on the supply of own and other, popular in the West, production for export.

1.The products produced by the plant.

A sample list of products manufactured by the company I can show Your interest by e-mail.

Additional information

The project is aimed at improving the production at the plant, introduction of new technology casting, Implementation, development and design of new automated and robototechnic lines that will allow you to get the most from foundry products with higher quality characteristics. This will allow to press the suppliers of spare parts for inostrannogo equipment purchased at the time of companies in the region equipment in the West. This is called import substitution. Also to develop and introduce new technologies of color and precision casting.

Market analytics

The only serious enterprise competitor in this region is the Olenegorsk Mechanical plant, which produces low-quality products, has a large output of marriage, and almost seven many Mining and Processing enterprises refused his casting products. Only one of the GOK is ready to issue and place orders for 400 000 000 RUB., and 7 processing plants. That is, the orders in General, we will not have problems, in addition to these processing plants, there is still nuclear power plants, shipping companies, military and civilian orientation, etc... All the products necessary to these enterprises, can be produced by the enterprise. All of these companies very rich, pay in time and without delays.

The uniqueness of the project

The uniqueness of the project that are going to develop on the plant output of marketable products, not previously produced them to learn and implement new technologies and products. Start to develop Proizvodstvo products for the armed forces of the Russian Federation. To reduce the cost of production through the introduction of robotics, through automation and computerization of foundry processes.

Monetization sources

The introduction of new technologies will significantly reduce production costs and quality. The company has its client base, and due to the cost and quality will gain new customers.

Sales strategy and marketing

The main sales channels of the products are enterprises of the region(mining companies and metallurgy industries, shipyards), etc.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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