Manufacture of a full cycle of freight motor vehicles

Project description

I. the aim of the project: organization of a Russian-made cargo quadricycles to meet the actual demand for small commercial trucks.

We offer the production of quadricycles has no analogues on the territory of the former Soviet Union.

II. Our product and its competitive advantages

According to the official Russian classification, the quadricycle — a four-wheeled motor vehicle designed for operation on public roads. The quadricycle is registered in the traffic police; to control the quadricycle required license category “B”.

Our product is a commercial vehicle with different body modifications: platform, tank, dump truck, van (manufactured goods, reefer, etc.)

Thanks to the spectrum of add-on body our product has rich functionality and can be used in various fields of business such as: transportation as in a normal van, and the refrigerated truck; agriculture; mail delivery in the city (postage, food, etc.); field sales, coffee shop, fast food, catering services; housing and communal facilities and territory cleaning;.service the needs of large enterprises, cottage settlements, the Park hotels, rest houses etc.

Direct competitors of our product in Russia and other post-Soviet countries do not exist. Indirect competitors are presented by vehicle type pickup truck

However, all cars-competitors are inferior to our product in price, so the cost of operation, especially on such an important characteristic as fuel consumption.

Our product is designed for consumers for which engine power and costs of fuel are a priority in the course of operation of the vehicle. In our opinion, this is a promising, dynamically growing market segment.

Service features of our product:

1. Engine power 24 HP;

2. The engine capacity of 250 cm3;

3. The estimated life of the engine 50 000 km. the Engine is easily repaired, and can be

also replaced for a very reasonable means;

4. Suspension load capacity 700 kg;

5. The standard loading platform 1500mm to 2000mm.

Konkurentnye advantages of our product:

1. Compact and manoeuvrable. Parking on the restricted size of the yard and Parking spaces;

2. Low fuel consumption (2, 5-4 liters per 100 km in the urban cycle);

3. Ease of operation, economy of maintenance; availability of spare parts;

4. The possibility of increasing capacity through the installation of springs (up to 1500 kg);

5. Quick cabin heat. Due to the fact that motorcycle engines high operating temperature, the warm air begins to flow within 2-3 minutes after startup;

6. High ground clearance of about 24 cm;

7. Attractive price. Planned retail price of a new QUADRICYCLE from 350 000 rubles.

Additional potential revenues of the enterprise:

1. Sale of spare parts imports from China;

2. Extra and comfortable equipment (higher suspension,

seats with a heated rubber of larger diameter and more);

3. In the future it is planned the creation of all-wheel drive version truck quadricycle, and the version on electric;

III. The stages of the project: completed and upcoming.

At the moment you have completed the following work on the project:

· Created a running sample machine

· Tests of brake systems at the landfill US

· Prepared technical drawings of machine parts; prepared design documentation for the Assembly of the carrying frame and the chassis

· Completed drawings of cockpit panels for the manufacture of matrices;

· Made of a matrix of panels cab

· Conducted negotiations for the lease of production space, the contract is ready for signing

· Defined initial component suppliers

· Mastered the sales channels of the finished product

· Staff production (engineers, workers on the Assembly)

Passed running tests in real world conditions

The work required to run the project

1. Pass the remaining certification tests in the US

2. To certificates and technical documentation:

— approval of a vehicle type

— getting WMI code (international code of the manufacturer)

3. To prepare the plant for production:

— to conclude an agreement for rental of premises

— buy equipment (welding, painting, cleaning, power tools, pneumatic tools, hand tools).

— fabricate tooling and jigs for production.

— to carry out repairs in the room

6. To purchase the components (Russia, China)

7. To conclude employment contracts with staff

8. To purchase the components for production

Additional information

The quadricycle is 90% ready for serial production. Machine tested in real conditions, fixed all identified issues.

Link to YouTube channel

Market analytics

The bulls showed that the demand for available commercial vehicles is increasing. Referring to the statistics of sales of light commercial vehicles, our company can implement, order, 400 for 8 months in the territory of one of the North West region.

The uniqueness of the project

This project has no analogues on the territory of the former Soviet Union. This type of transport is very affordable ( 350 000 rubles in retail) Can be used practically in all spheres of activity. Has no direct competition, but has all the necessary properties.

Monetization sources

At the initial stage should begin with the release of small batches of Quadricycles. To make about 6 units a month. Need to work out all the production technology. Each machine should go to manufacturing perfect, fully prepared to work in the real world. These indicators can be achieved with a small staff and avoid large overhead costs.

To maintain a constant direct from linking with consumers.

Dealers should be 1-2 cars to the test. The buyer should have the opportunity to try it. Pictures and videos on the Internet is not enough. But with all this, it is necessary to conduct an advertising campaign, as well as maintain the website and various social networks.

Sales strategy and marketing

You need to start with small volume. To identify the most important sales regions. There may be 2-3. to put all the power to them. In our experience this North West, South, Center)including the earth). To have a dealer in each district center ( St. Petersburg, Rostov-on-don, Moscow. Well realizati themselves in the city, where there are the production, Zheleznogorsk, Kursk region Under the dealer agreement, the dealer is responsible for warranty maintenance and repair of equipment.

To determine the production plan. The minimum and maximum number of pieces of equipment that we can produce. On this basis, to work with suppliers dealers.

Also determine the quota for each dealer.

Marketing lead with the help of the Internet and participation in exhibitions.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Russia, Kursk Oblast, Zheleznogorsk

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