Neutralization, decontamination of hazardous wastes of organic origin and manufacture of granular fertilizer on the basis of technology with the use of the Device Activation Process

Project description

Brief description of the technology

The basis of the proposed technologies is the Device Activation Process (AAP) is a device that uses the energy of the rotating electromagnetic field of high specific concentration per unit volume of the working area. Under the influence of this field in the working area installation, creates a number (over 30) physical effects (magnetization, polarization, ionization and electrolysis, high-frequency acoustic vibrations, cavitation effects, water hammer up to 150 t/mm2, mixing and dispersion, spot heating, etc.).

In consequence of which, in the working area AARP to hundreds and thousands of times all accelerate physical and chemical reactions, are provided with profound structural changes in all materials. Which allows us to provide exceptional performance and efficiency of technological processes with the use of AAP.

Depending on the frequency of rotation of the ferromagnetic needles used in technology, and the initial parameters of raw materials, the AARP may be homogenizing it (to create a homogeneous mass of the components of raw materials), emulsify (break into tiny particles insoluble in the liquid substance, uniformly distributing the particles in a liquid base), disperse, divide a complex substance into its component parts.

In the process of neutralization of wastewater using a number of reagents. With the passage of the effluent through the AARP makes it possible to achieve complete disinfection, aktiviziruyutsya processes separation of phases that culminate in the sump for 20-30 minutes. There is the elimination of malodorous odor.

In techniques of neutralization applied ozonation to effectively clean the waste water from various types of pollution. An additional effect of ozone treatment of water is its dissolved oxygen enrichment.

The economic effect from the introduction

  • exceptional performance in the tens to hundreds of times higher than traditional schemes;
  • flow diagram, continuous operation;
  • unique performance, high speed and degree of cleaning with minimum capital and operating costs. Minimal material and energy consumption;
  • small working area, the staff of 1-2 people. High degree of automation;
  • the cheapness and availability of consumables (lime, reagents, etc.);
  • versatility for a wide range of contaminants and concentrations;
  • guaranteed high degree of cleaning, full disinfection;
  • isolated process. The processed substance is not in contact with the atmosphere prevents unintended interactions with the environment of emissions;
  • the production time of the Installation, from the beginning of the Assembly before the stated volume of water regime – up to 90 days;
  • the use of "template" projects for the manufacture of industrial designs the Installation in serial production;
  • ease of integration into existing technological scheme of purification.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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