The production of pine water + the full cycle of wood processing

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The ancient inhabitants of Siberia knew about the healing properties of the tree, which directly depend on the content of various useful compounds and substances. After all, the Siberian trees survive in extreme conditions, the temperature can drop to -45C, however, due to the contained in these compounds, the tree does not freeze. This fact was noticed by scientists of Novosibirsk Academgorodok, and in long-term studies, they have developed an innovative technology of drying of wood, in which at low temperatures is collected tree SAP or intercellular fluid.

At the moment the company "Driada" engaged in obtaining interstitial fluid from pine with the development. The main feature of this technology is that the resulting juice will remain biologically active and nutrients contained in the wood, and the product is entirely natural and retains its properties over a long period, without chemical additives or treatments. Drying takes place using a powerful specialized drying chambers that gently "collect" the liquid out of the tree. Dried the wood in the next goes on sale. In the study of the intercellular fluid were involved in such institutions and research organizations as:

Testing laboratory center (TLC) of JSC "management company "Biotechnopark" specializiruetsya on carrying out of researches(tests) of medicines, biologically active additives and perfumery-cosmetic products (see the survey in Appendix 1-2).

Laboratory of terpene compounds INSTITUTE Novosibirsk Institute of organic chemistry. N. N. Vorozhtsova of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (see lab results, and decoding in Annexes No. 3-4).

Study of the intercellular fluid confirmed the presence of various useful components: flavonoids, particularly dihydroquercetin, which inhibit tumor cells and accelerate the regeneration and terpene compounds, which in nature ensure the survival of healthy cells in contact with bacteria, viruses, etc. (See scientific articles on this subject in appendices # 5-7). According to the data, the intercellular fluid will slow down all the "painful" processes in the body and start cell renewal. Collected dozens of testimonies about a considerable improvement of state of health from doctors, patients and athletes who consistently consume intercellular liquid wood. Development has certificates of conformity, test reports of laboratories and articles of researchers.

At the moment, the balance of the "Dryad" comes with 3 universal drying chambers with a total cost of 15 million rubles. Monthly volume of production and sale of dry lumber is 150m3. The monthly production volume of interstitial fluid of the tree reaches 20 000 litres per month.

For expansion and modernization of production requires additional investment in the amount of 12 550 000 rubles. It plans to purchase its own equipment for the filling of interstitial fluid and blowing out of the individual containers, as well as woodworking and packaging equipment for lumber, extension staff, rent, legal and marketing expenses.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 25.03.2020

Russia, Novosibirsk, Novosibirsk

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