— first service price comparison + cashback

Project description is the first service that combines the best from price comparison services and cash back services.

We display prices in all popular stores given cash back, which we will pay to our user for a purchase in a particular store. In addition, we aggregate all the necessary info about the product: specs, reviews, reviews, available promo, to enable the customer to quickly and easily choose the right product and best price including cashback.

Combining all the advantages of this symbiosis, we decided and most of the cons of each of the services separately for B2C customers (consumers) and B2B customers (connected stores).

At the moment the project is fully operational, implementation of new functionality.

Convenience and service you can appreciate now by going to the cashback

The business model tested, there is initial traction.

A strong and experienced development team.

The project is located at the junction of 3 Rastogi and interconnected markets:

  • eCommerce market (1, 5 trillion rubles. growth + 28% YoY vs 2019 2018)
  • The market of price comparison services (more than 20 billion rubles)
  • Market cashback services (more than 15 billion rubles)

The project has great potential in the CIS market and the global market. At this stage a foreign exchange revenues.

Investment is needed primarily on marketing + further development.

Detailed info in the presentation, which will be sent separately when the primary interest in our project.

Company website

Additional information

all the figures on the market, its dynamics indicated in the presentation.

At the moment, the project operates mainly in the Russian market.

This year it is planned the expansion to the CIS market in the future on the world market.

All other information on the project, market, monetization and marketing in the presentation, which is provided with a primary interest in the project.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Project No. 58678
Created on: 13.04.2020

International project

Project price: 73 000 000

Investments volume: 22 000 000

Stage: Business for sale


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Dmitriy Dmitriy

International project
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