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Brief description:
Information system CredCo is designed to unite all participants of the credit market (from banks and non-Bank credit institutions to clients individuals and legal entities).

CredCo will allow customers to choose the most advantageous for them to credit product (finds and compares different lenders offer, and counting all of the aggregate overpayments), will help to achieve the approval of this product (which gives clues on the design of credit history helps to rehabilitate credit history), and will help arrange any loan product.

CredCo will allow Bank and non-Bank credit institutions to efficiently manage their credit portfolio (in the short term to attract significant amounts of customers), to save significantly on marketing and customer acquisition (saving the advertising budget; the savings on the underwriting and verification, as CredCo undertakes the functionality).

CredCo will provide companies with the satellites of the credit market (private investors, brokers, agents, realtors, collectors) a number of unique tools and will allow them to achieve their full and legitimate market integration.

The current phase of the project:

At present already developed the basic concept of an information system (primary methodology, project architecture, algorithms of the main modules).

Conducted marketing analysis and the test run (test an advertising campaign for a real audience), which has exposed the extremely high interest of the users (index of users ' interest from 37 to 55%!). Ie, every second user now (first-time users faced with this proposal, the brand) is ready to take advantage CredCo.

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Additional information

CredCo is aimed at solving the main problems of the market:

-low financial literacy of the population

-inflated real overpayment on credit products

-extremely high costs of credit institutions on the attraction of customers ("overheated" market, high advertising costs and personnel, high system costs of underwriting and verification of a client.)

-lack of a flexible framework for credit portfolio management

-the lack of real tools that could use numerous company - the satellites of the lending market

Market analytics

Competitors in this niche are missing. Steps of assimilation and the development of aggregators in lending take and

In other niches, actual competitors are the large aggregators (CYAN, AviaSales, Trivago, etc.).

The uniqueness of the project

The lack of direct competitors and the relevance of the issues do CrecCo unique.

And CredCo modular structure allows you to develop each of the functional modules separately (each module is completely independent including and from the point of view of recoupment), and allows you to create a unique configuration to run the project.

Monetization sources

The main "point of profit":
-% of the amount issued, with CredCo, credits/loans (to be paid by credit institutions);

-outsourcing of underwriting, verification (paid by credit institutions);

-the services of credit check, SB, business reputation scoring services "KEY improvements" and "improvement of Skornik-points" (payment from users);

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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Created on: 13.05.2020

International project

Project price: 100 000 000

Investments volume: 100 000 000

Stage: Project is at development stage


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International project
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