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Project description

The idea of the project is to create a club of beauty and health which will provide high-quality services for the whole family. The club will create intimate atmosphere in every procedure. The concept of the club is aimed at the provision of services by immersion of the client in an atmosphere of serenity and freedom from the realities of modern reality. Across your entire infrastructure, we represent the premium nature of that clients feel in your space where it used to. An important factor is the location of the club. The premise for the opening of the club located in the West of Moscow.This district is considered to be one of the most prestigious for living and ecologically clean district of the city. In many districts in the Soviet era were built numerous institutions as well as main University of the country (Lomonosov Moscow state University. M. V. Lomonosova) because of what coming home was a place of residence of their employees, there are many foreign embassies.The room is located on the first floor luxury apartments. Next door is the fine dining restaurant, private school, plans to open a hotel complex that will positively affect the work of the club. The creation of a chamber atmosphere, which is full of energy and at the same time gives absolute peace of mind, mental balance and clear view on the development.

The aim of the project is the opening of a modern, conceptual Club of beauty and health (later – the network of clubs) the premium level in Moscow with the purpose of generating and maximizing profits from services rendered. The main goal of our Club is every client should become permanent. Therefore, the specificity of the Club of beauty and health will be based on the needs of clients in:

  • — service;
  • the highest quality of services and procedures;
  • cozy atmosphere;
  • — emotional communication.


  • the opening of the Club for rendering services in the field of beauty, meets all Russian standards of quality and hygiene, which is especially important in a pandemic;
  • the creation of the Club whose services correspond to the international level of quality and service that will meet interesting and needs of the most demanding customers;
  • formation of positive business reputation of the Club as a place of quality service and professional services in the field of beauty and health;
  • the formation of the economic basis, which provides a guaranteed refund of the Investor and the business Owner spent on the project;
  • professional approach to organization of activities of the Club health and beauty.

Additional information

Premium target audience is not numerous, but homogeneous in their habits and preferences. The target audience of our club is a men women from 30 to 50 years of age and their families. This financial elite was one year old household income over $ 100,000. The main source of income – major capital allocated to income assets. Members of this segment own profitable businesses, real estate, deposits, and other instruments of profit. Not only a significant part of their income gets high wages at the main place of work. Even the largest spending for them is not significant, and they are consumers of brands in the category premium. For us the main interest of the average consumer of luxury. It is important to consider that a third of Russian market of premium products provide consumers are not the target audience. We have allocated one more category of clients, an income that allows you to purchase premium services from time to time. For them the main motive is the need to join the world of luxury.

The needs in health, beauty and longevity are fundamental to humans having intrinsic value and value. At all times people wanted to be beautiful, toned, like to themselves and others. While the concept of beauty and health are closely linked together. A strong-willed physically active energetic people evaluated by external observers as beautiful. The condition of the hair, coordination, the condition of the skin can not only assess a person from the point of view of beauty, but his physical health. Working on your appearance and body, the modern man has not only an aesthetic purpose, aiming for a certain ideal image with known anthropometric characteristics and proportions, but has in mind a pragmatic purpose — to ensure personal competitiveness. Care about your body and appearance leads the man among his own kind, promotes communication, friendship, making friends. In this sense, modern beauty salons and fitness centres have become clubs business and friendly communication, a place where close-minded and thinking people. In addition to the requirements of beauty and communication, gain confidence, play a major role in the desire as far as possible to preserve their physical longevity. Given the above, we offer in the club format of training with a personal trainer, able to guide the client on the correct vector.

The same services we provided in other types of activities: Spa treatments and snowmovie manipulation of the body. Supply of services organized into separate offices, which allows the most sophisticated clients of our club feel in privacy and security.

Market analytics

Market analysis and beauty salons, fitness clubs confirms the strong presence of the service sector-formed areas. Today, the industry is actively developing, expanding the range of services optimized price lists. In their customer oriented beauty salons and fitness clubs form the dynamic range of tariffs, according to which an enterprise belongs to a specific price segment. Most of the enterprises remains at the level of the middle segment of the market, providing a steady flow of customers. Against 70% of the competing salons and fitness clubs with affordable valuable services, taking over 15 % of the market. The remaining share of services remains premium segment, which includes high quality service and maximum of the additional service. A major landmark in the industry remains uniform transition from one segment to another. However, the industry observed the reverse flow. According to analysts, in the next three years may be the increase in the proportion of lower class and premium segment at least 5 %. The specifics of the Russian beauty salons and fitness clubs is the complexity of the calculation of revenue. Meanwhile, the number of companies coming from different analytical agencies, is confirmed. By the end of 2019, there were over 150 000 profile businesses related to beauty and fitness. The set of data formed in the 90 largest cities of Russia. A leading city for the replacement of the market remains to be Moscow, which operate more than 19 000 beauty salons and 2,000 fitness clubs. Design club health and beauty will be focused on the premium segment, which will provide a steady stream of customers and steady demand for services, minimizes the risks caused by the lack of money from customers.

Features of the market of beauty salons of Moscow.

In the market of beauty salons of Moscow it is possible to allocate the following features:

  • the leading city in the replacement market is Moscow, which operate more than 19 000 beauty salons
  • innovation in the market that is gaining popularity, is the opening up of salons offering a wide range of services for all family members
  • the separation of beauty salons and Barber shops across the floor of the client in Russia and in Moscow in particular, does not take root, so confident in the domestic market remains the traditional format.

According to experts, market structure in 2020 year to change a little bit: the top ranking according to experts ' forecasts for next year remains familiar to customers with beauty salons, hair salons. It's a niche market 2019 year took about 78% of customers, and in 2020 the share will decrease to 72 %; second place 15% in popularity will be integrated salons with a wide range of services which assume the maintenance of all without exception of members of the family. The format was generally justified, though, because you can not plan individual trips to the masters, optimizing the time of the visit; the top three short Spa centres, the overall rate of this type of service will continue in 2020, the year at 7 %; the latter will remain specialized shops for children. The demand for this service remains moderate, retaining 4% of the industry market.

Features of the market of fitness clubs

Given consumer demand, the Russian sports industry has created an insufficient number of specialized agencies for fitness. Moscow has about 2,000 fitness centers. According to static information from 2019 more than half of Russians want to do fitness, most – young people from 25 to 35 years. Them full only 2, 5 %. The exception is Moscow, where 11 % of people attending fitness clubs. The market of fitness services in Moscow is huge potential for business growth is very high. In Moscow, 11% of people are engaged in fitness in America more than 20 %, indicating that the market of fitness services in Moscow is far from saturation. The growing interest in the formation of the body is associated with the new standards of beauty. Earlier it was popular slender appearance, verging on anorexia. Now the most attractive are considered a toned hard body with rippling muscles of the abdominals, legs, buttocks, back and arms. This appearance indicates health, vigor, aspiration to self-improvement. Fitness in Russia only the beginning of active development, the main buyers of the fitness clubs and office workers, businessmen, at least – the students. In each geographic segment, at each price level was completely different processes – if in the premium segment of the capital region, not much prices rose, and were stable, the share of additional services in the regions in the segment of low-cost active dumping has led to a significant reduction in revenue both in absolute and in relative terms. Plan the fitness club will operate in the premium segment-the business that will allow you to get maximum income from square meters at the maximum level of service to customers.

Monetization sources

The subject of the profit will be sales of services in the field of beauty and health:

— highly effective personal fitness;

— personal and group yoga and stretching;

— nail services;

— hairdressing services;

— cosmetic services;

SPA treatments and massages.

Sales strategy and marketing

Creating a work website, groups in social networks and promoting them on the Internet. Formation of positive business reputation by planting reviews on sites otzoviki. Advertising in the media. Advertising through beauty bloggers. The distribution of leaflets and brochures in places of a mass congestion of people.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

Project detailed information is available to investors after authorization.

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