Audit of business plan with the preparation of the investment memorandum

Want to attract investment in your business? And you have a meeting with a potential investor? In this case, you need a competently drawn up business plan and an investment memorandum. This document allows the investor to determine the prospects for investing in the project - to assess the risks and timing of the return of funds. The emphasis in the investment memorandum is made on the description of the business idea and model.

Information provided by the Investment Memorandum:

  • Information on the business reputation of the firm
  • Marketing research (forecasting on the demand of goods / services)
  • Information about the professionalism of the team implementing the project
  • Information about finances
  • Forecast of profitability, payback period
  • Cost justification
  • Risks, the impact on the project of external and internal factors

Execution period: from 7 days

Price: 238 $