Correction of business project

We offer an independent assessment and adjustment of the business plan, before the project's author shows it to investors. Correction of the business project involves the elimination of inaccuracies in financial calculations and the description.

Execution period: from 7 days

Price: from 238 $

Experience in the examination of business plans with private consulting allowed us to develop recommendations for the preparation and filling of business plans:

  • Availability of key sections of the business plan.

    There are different versions of the structure of the business plan and the title of the sections, but they must be interrelated and carry the necessary minimum of information. Some sections need to be presented depending on the scope of the company.

  • Technical study of the project.

    Before the beginning of the economic examination of the project, a thorough technical rationale must be prepared.

  • Reliability of economic calculations.

    We strongly recommend that authors of business ideas observe accuracy in economic calculations, professionally and conscientiously treat the application of standard methods, all the more so, automated tools for financial planning are widely represented on the Russian market.

  • Analysis of sales markets.

    Allows you to determine the structure, type and market conditions, determine its capacity and choose the optimal channels for the sale of goods or services. Out of the total number of consumers, the target audience interested in the company's products is identified and an analysis is carried out for the specific interests and needs that the goods produced by the company are able to satisfy. The lack of a clear strategy has a detrimental effect on the success of the business project.

  • Description of the project management system.

    To complete the picture of the business plan, a clear project management system should be presented, outlining the functional responsibilities and staff of the company.

  • Real risk analysis.

    The procedure for identifying the causes of risks and assessing their impact, analyzing the probability of occurrence of certain adverse events that will adversely affect the achievement of the project objectives. The analysis includes risk assessment and mechanisms to reduce or decrease the associated adverse effects.

Thus, the examination of the business plan is an effective mechanism to determine the quality, reliability and effectiveness of the prepared project. Professional analysis helps to determine the direction of the necessary improvement of the business plan, to meet the individual requirements of the investor.

It is important that the business plan is a well-developed document that can give the potential investor confidence in the economic feasibility of investing in the project.