Correction of presentation

To better provide information about your business project, you use the correction of the presentation provided by you.

An interesting and capacious presentation often has more success than an elaborate business plan. We will help make your presentation more informative.

Important: the presentation is adjusted based on the information provided.

As a rule, the presentation covers 8 key sections:

  • branch and company description
  • description of services (goods)
  • sales and marketing
  • production plan
  • organizational plan
  • financial plan
  • project effectiveness evaluation
  • guarantees and risks of the company

First of all, it is necessary to focus attention on the issue of attracting investments, their size, conditions and possible risks. A product or service, especially if it is unique, must be presented most clearly and clearly to emphasize its merits.

The format of the application allows you to integrate various video and audio files into the presentation, create a "slideshow". In the preparation of presentations by our specialists, data analysis and visualization of the individual components of the project, created specifically for the presentation, are carried out. All visual materials will be executed professionally and accurately, using diagrams, tables or graphics.

Execution period: from 1 day

Price: from 40$