Bringing your project to the top

Bringing your project to the top of the catalogue is the payable service which allows bringing your project to the highest position in the projects catalogue.

Why you need bring the project to the top?

Every day, on our website, dozens of new project appear. The more time passes after publication, the more distant will be your project in the catalogue list. Use this service If you want your project to be reviewed more.

What changes if your project is brought to the top?

The publication date will be updated, your project will get to the first page of projects catalogue. Please note, that this status of the project is not fixed, it will change gradually.

How much is the service?

The price for bringing your project to the top is 12 USD. You may pay for services via SMS, Money.Yandex, WebMoney, plastic card, “Sberbank Online” service, QIWI Wallet, checkouts of shopping networks “Euroset” and “Svyaznoy”.

When the service will be activated?

“Bring your project to the top” service is activated from the payment moment and ceases to be effective if the advertisement is blocked by the website administrator or closed.

Price: 12 $

Bringing your project to the top