Preparation of business plan under the international standards UNIDO

Preparation of a business plan for all individual customer requirements, according to UNIDO standards, with a detailed developed financial model, competitive environment research and market analysis.

We will improve the strategy and prepare a clear and logical business plan that can adequately justify your intentions.

To effectively develop the company at the tactical, strategic and operational levels, the business plan is an integrated and fundamental document.

One of the organizations offering standards for business planning is UNIDO, an organization struggling for global prosperity, supporting the industrial development of developing countries and countries with economies in transition.

The structure of the business plan for UNIDO standards contains:


The section includes: a general description of the idea.

Branch and company description

General information about the company, industry and its development evaluation, general financial performance indicators and the products and services offered.

Description of services (goods)

Visual representation of the product - photographs, graphic images, samples, for each species separately.

Sales and marketing

Using marketing tools, you can promote goods or services, increase revenue, identify target audiences for different product groups, position products for existing market segments, manage demand, analyze competitive advantages and disadvantages, and sales themselves.

Production plan

Valid plan for the production of a certain period. On the basis of the production plan, the need for production equipment, resources, personnel potential, cost estimates for production, etc. is determined.

Organizational plan

It indicates the composition of the project participants and describes the structure through which the organization's partners will achieve the organization's goals. The plan reflects the main conditions aimed at the development and production of products, goods, works or services, the timing of the project and the motivation of employees.

Financial plan

Includes a budget for income and expenditure and a cash flow budget describing the sources of funding for the project.

Project Effectiveness Evaluation

It is carried out to determine the potential attractiveness of the business plan for its participants, as well as to search for investors.

Guarantees and risks of the company

Guarantees for a given payback of the project. Description of possible risks and force majeure.

Execution period: from 14 days

Price: from 1 300$