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The aim of Business Platform is the comprehensive support to your project or business. In particular, one of the effective solutions, affecting the implementation of your business ideas, is the publication in specialized e-catalogues of Business Platform. Paying your attention that the work of Business Platform is oriented both to project authors and investors.

Price: 25 USD

We recommend using our application form for information publication in business sale catalogue; if you want your business-ideas bring the maximal effect:


  1. Name of your business
  2. Branch
  3. Geographical location of business
  4. Total profitability of the business (net profit / investments)
  5. Business profitability after reaching the permanent operating capacity per year (net profit / expenses)
  6. Monthly income
  7. Monthly cash receipt
  8. Business description
  9. Financial model of business project
  10. Sale of:
    • Shares of business
    • Business
  11. Website

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