Technical and economic feasibility of investments

Technical and economic feasibility (TEF) is the calculation and analysis document containing both the raw data and the main technical and organizational decisions, estimates, estimates and other indicators that allow considering the feasibility and effectiveness of the investment project.

Usually TEF is prepared for new projects at an existing enterprise, therefore such blocks as market research, market analysis, enterprise and product description are not described in such feasibility studies.

Thus, technical and economic feasibility (TEF) is a shorter and more meaningful document than a full-fledged business plan. The economic feasibility of investments is necessary for:

  • banks, in order to obtain loans for the project;
  • participation in tenders;
  • for the management of an enterprise wishing to develop economically;
  • investors, for the purpose to attract them.

The task of TEF is to estimate the project costs and results, and analyze the payback period of the project.

Execution period: from 7 days

Price: from 238 $