Denis Suryapin: Business Platform "books" investments and our app is everything else

Denis Suryapin: Business Platform

Developing and launching a mobile app always takes time and a lot of money. Our project Бронируй (The Broru) is no exception that helps to plan a leisure time, communicate and exchange impressions.

At the end of 2018, we were actively looking for partners for our app. It was necessary to clearly state the advantages, outline the prospects and support them with calculations to attract investment. We created a business plan through Business Platform that we provided to investors for introduction. Drawing an analogy with our service, we can say that Business Platform helped to book investments for our tasks.

It is very comfortable that this service works with projects at different stages of development. For instance, we used its services from the very beginning. The company's experts helped us a lot with proper documentation, adjusting the financial model, and made a mailing list for us on the investor database.

I consider Business Platform as an excellent platform for hosting it startups.

In the end, we managed to attract about RUB 8 million for the release of the service and strengthening the team with high-quality specialists who will improve and develop the application.

Now we have an implemented final project we realized. This is a complex software consisting of the following components:

  • Database of partner companies' objects;
  • Real-time messaging service between users and companies;
  • Real-time booking service;
  • Electronic menu service with the ability to make an order in real time;
  • Interactive map service with marks and rating of establishments;

This set of components allows creating a single ecosystem that includes a number of features that can be used without leaving the application.

That will allow for companies following things:

  • organize all applications and bookings in one place, and you don’t need to switch between multiple programs;
  • communicate with customers online, using a simplified and comfortable system for accepting reservations and orders;
  • post events and information about ongoing promotions that all users will immediately know about;
  • getting an invoice instantly and accept payments via chat.

For users, the service will be comfortable:

  • search for places of interest, the ability to write to the institution, book and pay the bill / service directly through the chat;
  • the ability to share your impressions (checks), with reference to a specific point on the map;
  • have your own personalized calendar planner that will remind you of all events.

To achieve all our goals, we are entering the next round of investments and are looking for about RUB 150 million. We will be glad to cooperate with investors.