Never leave the born idea for the future!

Never leave the born idea for the future!

Project “Waste to fuel treatment complex”

73 500 000 rubles of attracted investments

Once upon a time, walking around the city and seeing one more disposal area, I started to think over that the existing way of utilization is not effective one, and brings the significant harm to the environment.
Even the carefully treated and covered disposal area is the source of the so-called “landfill gas” that stimulates the greenhouse effect. I decided to learn in details this theme and then appeared the idea on creation of a complex on waste processing into the fuel – benzene, kerosene and other. Calculating the profitability of my research, I faced the following values: 1 ton of waste is capable to bring the 500 dollars of net profit to the waste processing company. Imagine, what is doing the small city with 200 000 citizens burying every day the 1000 tons of waste at his landfill sites! Every day, citizens throw away about 500 000 dollars! Then, I finally realized, that in modern conditions, the waste processing issue is very popular, and started closely develop my business project. I started to search investments for my project when decided for myself that I can handle with implementation of my project. I started to search the instruments that will help to attract the investments through internet. When I saw “Business Platform” resource, I learned and registered my project. In the beginning, there were not many applications, but few weeks after I received a call from representative of annual public award “Regions – sustainable growth”, and he proposed to implement my investment offer on the basis of this competition.

It was a good job! I was in the list of winners. And today, there is a work on making my project alive! The main thing is – never put for tomorrow something “for later times”, if your plan exists today!

I’m grateful to Business Platform for the job they did. They became the so-called “guiding light” for my project and helped to find the Investor!
You really justify your slogan “Proper communication in business-society”! I wish all authors find their investments and to the Business Platform I wish the best of luck!